Samsung Odyssey G8QNB - Best Samsung qd oled monitor?

It will be the first Samsung qd oled monitor with a 34-inch screen, 0.1 ms response time, and 175Hz refresh rate. Find out more here

Samsung Odyssey G8QNB gaming monitor 2022

The Samsung Odyssey G8QNB gaming monitor was first seen at CES 2022. This is the first gaming monitor to include quantum dot OLED display, known as QD OLED. 

After a while, the gaming monitor appears and is now hidden behind the curtain. It was reported to have a 34-inch display, a screen resolution of (3440*1440) pixels, and, most notably, a native refresh rate of 175Hz.

Both the Samsung G8QNB and Dell Alienware AW3423DW gaming monitors use the world's first quantum dot OLED display. So there might be some disagreement with any doubts.

However, Quantum dot OLED displays are becoming more aggressive. For instance, Samsung Odyssey's closest competitor is the Dell Alienware 34 qd-oled monitor, which has a starting price of $1,299.

We're looking forward to see something amazing since these brands stated introducing brand-new monitor in the market.

We previously saw LG's new C2 OLED TV and G2 OLED TV, both of these offer a number of impressive features.

You can check out our review for a better understanding on comparing Samsung gaming display with other televisions and monitors.

Before we get into the technical details, it's essential to know when the Samsung G8QNB monitor will be available. 

Since Dell Alienware gaming display has been launched in the market with an affordable pricing. But we don't get anything else from Samsung yet.

In contrast, Samsung has remained silent regarding its Samsung Odyssey G8QNB gaming monitor.

So we can anticipate to get this monitor before the end of the year, maybe between August and September.

But currently Samsung has offered several of its latest Q-OLED impressive gaming monitor, including the Odyssey G7 and G9. 

In terms of quality and gaming performance, these two Q-OLED gaming monitors are outstanding. You can learn more about by clicking each of the link.

In a nutshell, the Samsung Odyssey G7 has a curved Q-LED display with a 240Hz native refresh rate and 600R HDR compatibility. 

This will enable better contrast between blacks and whites.

On the other hand, the Samsung Odyssey G9 is a wide and super ultra-wide Q-LED gaming monitor. It offers a 49-inch display, HDR 1000, and DQHD display resolution.

Samsung Odyssey G8QNB price

Regarding gaming monitors, pricing is a critical factor to consider. Due to the tremendous competition in the TV and monitor market, brands such as LG, Apple, and Sony are costly to purchase.

As a result, many people choose to purchase monitors from Samsung or Dell. They provide affordable pricing with high-quality technical specifications.
Samsung does not publish the pricing of the Samsung Odyssey G8QNB gaming monitor. 

Even though, this monitor was not even mentioned on the company's website for a while. 

We had found some of the other Samsung Display like the Samsung Odyssey G7 and G9 listed on Amazon. Both of these cost around $579 (27-inch) and $1273 (49-inch), respectively.

On the other hand, its competitor Dell's 32-inch gaming monitor costs $1,299. 

That's a good idea to mention that the Samsung Odyssey G8QNB monitor will come to market with a similar pricing.

Samsung Odyssey G8QNB specs

This Samsung 34 QD-OLED display has the same technical specs as its predecessors offer. 
It has a 34-inch Quantum dot OLED display with a 21:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of (3440×1440) pixels. It boasts a natural refresh rate of 175Hz to improve the response time.

The Samsung Odyssey g8qnb 34 gaming monitor is the first to include Quantum dot OLED, often known as qd oled panel. We may confuse existing QOLED and the most recent quantum dot (QD-OLED) technology. We will discuss deeply about this term in the below section.

The existing QOLED from Samsung employs quantum dot technology as the backplane behind the LCD. The quantum dot QD-OLED has a higher brightness and color spectrum than other OLEDs because of the quantum dot enhancement film.

With Samsung gaming monitors, there are no compromises regarding the quality of the display. Since it is their first quantum dot QD-OLED gaming monitor, it is only available in one size. The display resolution of the device is 3440 * 1440 pixels. This 34-inch gaming monitor has a 1800R curved thickness and is wide enough for watching stuff.

Handpicked article for you:

On the other hand, Samsung odyssey G7 provides a 1000R curved Q-OLED (2560×1440) display Resolution. It is the most current Q-OLED monitor upgrade from a full HD+ monitor. And Samsung's most extensive Odyssey G9 gaming display has an even larger screen size and claims to have two 27" screens.

It also has a dual QHD display with a total resolution of (5120×1440 pixels). We're excited to announce that the Samsung Odyssey G8QNB will have outstanding display quality thanks to QD OLED technology.

Gaming performance

Surprisingly, the Samsung Odyssey G8QNB OLED gaming monitor offering Nvidia G synchronization support, which will improve your response time in high-graphics games. Its 175Hz native refresh rate with 0.1ms response time will definitely make your display smoother.

This gaming monitor is impressive, with features such as Nvidia G synchronization support and a 175Hz refresh rate. And it's competitor Dell Alienware AW3423DW has the same specifications.

These are not regular features for Samsung. The Odyssey G9 and G7 provide even more advantageous features, including Nvidia G sync compatibility and 240Hz native frame rate.

However, the Samsung Odyssey G8QNB will be able to integrate a 175Hz native refresh rate on a QD OLED display panel. The brand has a step forward to replace the Q-OLED industry with the new QD OLED technology. That mean we would be likely to get real time ISC image feature in the upcoming slimmest gaming monitor.

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