2 New TCL 4K Google TVs announces in Europe with an affordable price

2 New TCL 4K Google TVs announces in Europe with an affordable price. These are TCL C635 and TCL P735 4k Google TVs. Here's full overview and pricing.
TCL 4K Google TVs
Photo: TCL 4K Google TV

Chinese television manufacturer TCL announced to launch of Two new Google TV operating system supported TV models in the European market. These two models are TCL P735 and C635. Additionally, this two television will be supported up to 4K resolution and size ranging from 43 to 75 inches

TCL 4k Google TVs launch date:

So far we know from various sources that TCL may launch these two models of televisions in Europe by April 2022 and also in other countries such as Germany.

According to various sources, TCL will not have any shortcomings in their quality like last time, they will try to maximize the display quality and as well their sound quality also.

TCL 4K Google TVs feature:

TCL will use Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos sound system in TCL P735 and C635 televisions.  On the other hand, the display quality will be 4K resolution based HDR 10+ display, here the display comes with a 50/60 Hz screen refresh rate.  However, since it is a 4K resolution television, We don't have some features or functionality here as compared to the previous television.

The TCL P735 will come at an affordable price than the TCL C635. Both televisions will have Dolby Atmos and Dolby vision sound systems.  But unfortunately, we can't expect HDR level display quality here. These two  Televisions will be available at 43", 50", 65" inches and up to a maximum of 75 inches.  

On the other hand, C635 will have a little bit more feature-packed.  The C635 will have the quantum dot speaker quality that Onkyo has created. What we can expect from both televisions is the Google TV operating system.  That means we can download and run apps and games from the Google Play Store here.  There will also be Chromecast and Google Assistant.  Above all, those TVs will be featuring packed with a lot of features from Google OS.  Starting from home screen customization, many more recommendations can be found on TVs

TCL X92 8K Google TV:

Last year, TCL came up with the first-ever 8K resolution based Mini-LED TV that was built with Google's operating system.  Until now, that television was the only mini-LED television that used 8K resolution.  Since the TCL X92 series television was much better in terms of quality and resolution, it was worth a lot more.  So TCL thought of launching a smart television with Google's operating system at a low pricing. And here comes to launch of the 4K resolution based Mini-LED television. And the smart television will be launched for the European television market only. 

Note: In 2021, TCL launched the 8K resolution TCL X92 Series Google TV

Television companies, on the other hand, are more inclined to use Google's operating system instead of the Android operating system for their user interface and accessibility. 

From entertainment to daily television programs, shows and hundreds of Google applications can be easily run on the Google operating system. And so the Chinese television maker TCL began using Google's operating system in their televisions, and the first television to be made with the Google operating system was the TCL X92 series.  

However, the Google operating system is gaining more and more popularity day by day as its home screen and user interface are much easier to access.

TCL P735 and C635 TVs price in Europe:

TCL brings good quality televisions to the European market at very low prices as always. That is why the company has a good brand value in the television industry all over the world. 

TCL P735 and C635 both televisions pricing will start at 650 euros and will only be available in different European states.  In other countries, the price may be relatively low or high.

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