Samsung M8 4K Smart monitor review in 2024

Samsung M8 4K monitor review

Samsung has now officially unveiled the new 32-inch M8 4K smart monitor in the United States. 

This time the brand has an integrated webcam, online streaming services, and some other minor improvements that we're gonna discuss below.

But what Do you think about the Samsung M8 4k smart monitor?

Does it looks similar to an Apple studio display? 

Let's get into more detail down below.

Before heading to the bottom, I'd like to mention that if you're searching to buy a monitor with inbuilt Web camera, then this would be a great option for you.


I know pricing is a crucial point to consider when buying a smart monitor.

Because there might be some good alternative of monitor within your budget if you don't properly do market research.

Samsung is a well-known monitor manufacturer in the world. 

Their Smart monitors are constantly coming to user's hand with more affordability.

For instance, the brand-New Samsung M8 smart monitor providing a web camera, modern design, and 4K display resolution for as low as $729.99. (I'm joking, let's see is it really affordable or not)

In this case, we will also take a look at some of the popular monitor available in the market including Samsung own m7 and m8 smart monitor.

But if you are too hurry to buy a monitor! Or searching the best monitor under $500 then the Samsung Smart Monitor M7 is an affordable pick for you.

It is available at only $449 for a 43-inch screen. 

Also it features a 32-inch display option, both of which are on sale. (It's even more affordable 😅)

Samsung M8 4K smart monitor

Only $629.99 at Samsung

Release date:

The Samsung m8 Smart monitor had first announced on February 28. 

And shortly after the initial announcement, people had received it on may 6th.

So it's been like four month Samsung M8 smart monitor keep available in the market.

One more interesting thing to mention that, Samsung originally introduced the Smart Monitors very recently.

Something like two years ago, and since then, they had release couple of Smart monitors. 

And These are the most selling Samsung M5, and M7 smart monitor.

Now, we had the Samsung M8 Smart monitors which is claimed to be world's all-in-one screens monitor. 

I know you're bit confused!

What does the all-in-one screens means?

It is just simple you can use your smart monitor for various functions, including entertainment, work, gaming, and others. 

Now it's really a good thing that you don't have buy a extra television for entrainment if you have a Samsung smart monitor at your home. (Save money and buy Smart monitor 😜)

Also I've to mention that Smart monitor is the latest version of the monitor with enhanced features such as a higher refresh rate, better response time, and a web camera.


Specification is a big nerve technical details. Most people find it boring like me.

But in a summary, Samsung m8 Smart monitor boasts all of the latest features, including HDR 10+ based 4K resolution display, USB type-C charging capability, Bixby, and Google assistance service. 

In the following section, I'll discuss everything separately for better understanding.


Samsung's M8 smart monitor features a 32-inch flat, curved 4K (3840*2160) display with a 16:9 aspect ratio. 

It can output 1 billion colours with 400 nits peak brightness for better sunlight visibility. 

One thing this monitor is lacking is the higher refresh rate.

It does not have a higher refresh rate like other monitors available on the market, although it does have a typical 60Hz refresh rate. (It's okay with this budget range)

However, it has an excellent dynamic range due to its HDR 10+ high emotional range scale. 

You can take benefits of its Windows 10+ certification, gaming mode, and eye saver feature.


This Smart monitor supports a USB type C connector for charging.

It has two HDMI connectors, one mini HDMI port, and remote control compatibility. Also it is compatible with WiFi 5 and Bluetooth 4.2.


The Samsung m8 Smart monitor makes a good impression with the design.

Samsung claimed that they have featured a thin, elegant, and beautiful modern design in this monitor.

Therefore, the monitor is available in four colors option to meet your preferences: pink, white, blue, and green. 

I appreciate Samsung's effort to create cutting-edge designs like the Apple Studio offers. (that's why I like to called it cheap Apple Studio)

Its ultra-slim border, clever camera design, and Gorgeous color options undoubtedly take your attention.

The box content is as usual. You will receive the monitor, a mounting gear, a remote controller, and a small webcam. 

Smart TV

Samsung's m8 4k Smart monitor runs on Tizen OS, a Linux-based mobile operating system. 

You can use Netflix, YouTube, and other streaming services with easy access to your WiFi connection. 

Also you can browse, edit documents, and even utilize Microsoft 365 software with the Smart monitor's new "work mode" features.

M7 smart monitor vs. M8 smart monitor?

Samsung offers a variety of Smart monitor alternatives for purchase.

Samsung M8 smart monitor, on the other hand, will be somewhat more expensive than last year's m7 smart monitor.

However, it also offers good features like a modern style and different size options but lacks web camera support. Starting with the Samsung m7 Smart monitor, you can experience the new all-in-one monitor and integrated TV with a smaller budget.

The finest Tv buying guide 2022:

Samsung is offering an instant $50 discount for the M7 smart monitor due to the arrival of the M8 smart monitor.

Similar to Apple studio?

Every brand has its own approach to building materials and designing its monitors. 

In certain circumstances, smart monitor brands utilize similar design languages for their products and services. 

As a result, you're getting an affordable monitor within your budget. 

Instead of the Apple Studio, which costs three times as much as this Samsung Smart Monitor, it offers you the latest configuration and stunning design.

In addition, Apple Studio provides a 5K retina display with a Nano texture glass design and 12MP web camera features.

Our Early verdict:

As I've previously discussed all the detail specification of this monitor.

I think you got a good idea about its capabilities.

Looking back at its cost, I believe it's not a bad deal for you if you consider its specs and current design with four colors. 

You may take on a variety of experiences, such as entertainment, gaming, or work, from the comfort of your own home.

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