Samsung the frame TV review in 2022

Samsung Frame TV 22 is set to ship on April 11th. It comes with a QHD modern frame design, an improved wall mount, and it costs only $999 for 43-inch.

Samsung the frame tv 2022 review

Quick brief specs before diving into the article!

  •  QHD display (3,840 x 2,160 pixels resolution).
  • Modern frame design.
  • The wall mount and TV thickness have been optimized.
  • Only $999.99 for a 43-inch size

Samsung has several new televisions coming to launch this year. Its Frame TV 2022 edition is the latest version of the frame TV - which offers amazing features like artwork, add-ons, and, Quantum HD picture quality. 

Today we're excited to talk about these features and we'll give you a clear picture of whether it is worth buying at a starting price of $999.

Well, Samsung frame TV is officially available in various sizes like 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, and the largest 85-inch. That will make your selection easier by price range. But, I missed that 32-inch display option that was available in the previous model.

Moving closer to the pricing Samsung charges $150 more for this model, compared to the last year. Though I think it is because they're offering 43-inch this time instead of 32.

Pros and cons

Advantages disadvantages
Good picture quality from QHD display No Dolby Vision support.
Modern frame design No anti-reflective coating.
The wall mount and TV thickness have been optimized. Limited art images by default
Only $999.99 for a 43-inch size The UI and intelligent TV are not optimized

If you want the best display quality and a beautiful frame for your home décor, the Samsung Frame TV 2022 is going to be a good choice for you. 

Because It has lots of advantages. Besides you can fit it to your wall using a wall mount stand, which reduces the sight of cables. Like any other TVs, they also come with some faults, but I think these won't disappoint you.

I found that the sound system and User interface on this frame tv are a bit moderate. Sometimes you'll feel like it is better to use a speaker. Also, we are not recommending you buy a frame tv if you're thinking to use it for a long time. The major problem is that companies built these TVs for home decoration and as an alternative to using wall frames.

What is the Samsung Frame TV?

The Samsung Frame TV is perhaps the most recent television category. It allows your TV frame to transform into art when you are not watching television. It's something where you don't have to buy multiple wall frames to hang various Artwork or drawings.

The Samsung Frame TV 2022 models can display various artworks or drawings based on your preferences and moods. It's fantastic to be able to watch television while simultaneously making your home décor seem fascinating without spending any more money. It has a range of frame choices, a sleek design, QHD image quality, and an AI-based smart TV.

These are the features that enhance your TV-watching experience without necessitating the purchase of a Samsung QHD television.

When Samsung the frame TV released?

Samsung first introduced the Samsung Frame TV to the market in 2017; they produced newer versions of the frame TV every year, with their frame TV 2021 models making a big entrance in the worldwide TVs market. Currently, the company is introducing its successor, the Samsung frame TV 2022 model.

The Samsung frame TV 2022 model is the company's most recent and updated frame TV, with new designs, colors, frames, and many artwork settings that make the TVs seem lovely and artistic for your home décor.

TV buying guide 2022:

Samsung produces many televisions in various categories that meet consumer preferences. Therefore, we witness various changes and newer models of frame TV every year.

The Samsung frame TV 2022 edition pricing:

Samsung will charge you a few extra bucks to deliver upgraded and additional features over its predecessor, the Samsung 2021 models.

The Samsung frame TV 2022 models come in various sizes, with the 43-inch model being the smallest and the 85-inch model being the largest. The cost varies according to the display size; the larger your screen, the more money you'll have to spend on it.

The 43-inch Samsung frame TV is currently available for $999.99, while the 85-inch model will cost $4,299.99. Suppose you aren't interested in their most current model. In that case, you may consider their prior frame TV 2021 models, which give an instant $150 discount on 43-inch models and extra savings on other screen sizes available in the market.

Display and design:

Samsung's stylish frame design will draw your attention or make your home decor stand out due to its elegant design. The Samsung Frame TV has a Quantum HD display, often known as a QHD display, with comprehensive viewing capability on the quantum HDR10+ display (3,840 x 2,160-pixel resolution). Furthermore, it features an auto motion with a motion accelerator that will prohibit your Artwork from being displayed if it detects any movement nearby. However, in other circumstances, it is still inconvenient.

Samsung said that,

It implemented anti-reflection with a matte display to reduce light reflection in direct sunlight or a bright environment. Anti-Reflection technology combined with Matte Display reduces glare to decrease light distraction on your screen.

However, we've noticed numerous lights quickly reflected on the display, and it's not very eye saver, even if they advertise optimal eye comfort or adaptive image mode featured in this frame TV.

Another factor is that you will need to acquire extra frames with different bezel colors to get your optimum aesthetic preference. It is available in seven colors: modern brown, teak, and white. The Samsung frame TV 2022 edition will default come with a black frame bezel. In addition, Samsung offers a $50 discount on bezel color with their newest Frame TV 2022 model, which will cost only $50 separately.

Handpicked article for you:

On the other side, you only have 23 free art pictures to display by default in the art store, which is a minimal quantity, and consumers may not be interested in the default artwork displayed in the art store. To have unrestricted access to over 1400+ classic and modern paintings by renowned artists worldwide, you must subscribe to their art store premium, which costs $5 per month. We also noted that Samsung had reduced the default period of the art store membership from two years to three months. After the trial, you must subscribe to their art shop to display your Artwork.


The Samsung wall frame TV features an AI-powered Samsung quantum 4K processor. Tizen-based smart TVs can handle small tasks and support streaming services like Netflix, Apple TV, and Prime Video. In addition, you can use this frame TV as your desktop monitor without hesitation. It has a 120Hz native refresh rate response time and built-in AI assistant services from Google Assistant and Alexa.

The wall mount has been improved in specific ways, such as making the connecting wire more thin and invisible, allowing it to be mounted on the wall. It also has Virtual Reality 360 and Microsoft 365, making it an excellent desktop monitor option. However, if you want the most pleasing Samsung experience, you should consider getting the fastest and most sophisticated gaming monitor, such as the Samsung Odyssey G8QNB gaming monitor.

Sound and connection:

The Samsung Frame TV's sound quality is not impressive, but it features 2.0 channel Dolby Atmos and a 20W sound output. Additionally, it includes noise reduction by default and an active voice amplifier. It has four HDMI ports, two USB 2.0 ports, and one Ethernet (LAN) cable to connect to its WiFi 5.

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  1. The 32 inc version of The Frame 2022 very much IS an option if you go by Samsungs website. They’re giving you a option of pre-ordering it. All the other models are already available to buy directly but the 32 inch version is up for pre-order so think of that what you will. Why would they have withdrew it from their lineup to being with? Having a 32 inch version was the best thing about The Frame.
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