Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: Best Galaxy Watch to Buy? 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 rumors are rife. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro release date is set to 26th August. so here's what we know so far.
Galaxy Watch 5 rumors picture
Galaxy Watch 5 rumors image by 91Mobiles
  • New pro model included instead of Classic.
  • Extended battery capacity.
  • Ditch the rotating bezel.
  • Announcement on 10th August.
  • Launch date on 26th August.

Samsung is gearing up to launch the Galaxy Watch 5 series, the next generation of the Galaxy Watch, after a year of huge success with the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

Despite, the brand itself does not provide enough information.

Our only option is to rely on the rumors that seem more appealing and literal.

Firstly, August is here. Samsung usually releases its Galaxy Watch in August.

Following the announcement at the “Galaxy Unpacked event” on August 10th, Samsung will release the Galaxy Watch 5 on August 26th.

Secondly, the Galaxy Watch 5 does not come in a classic model, only a Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

That’s wonderful for marketing and attention-grabbing.

We are going to wrap up a bunch of interesting information about your next card list item, the Galaxy Watch 5.

How does the Galaxy Watch 5 look?

Even Blass first revealed the Galaxy Watch 5 rumors on 91Mobiles. Since then, major tech publishers agreed with his research and posted articles about it. 

These articls are only for you!

You don’t want to read a bunch of unnecessary information, but instead, find out what the Galaxy Watch 5 exactly looks like. 

So here is a picture we collected from 91Mobiles that replicates and shows the Galaxy Watch 5 design. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 renders
Galaxy Watch 5 in five different colors 

Here you can see the Galaxy Watch 5 comes with a slew of color options and is improved look-wise. 

However, there are some technical limitations, such as the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will be available in only two color options; black and gray.

On the other hand, Galaxy Watch 5 users are happy to pick any of these colors by their choices. These are purple, pink, gold, and graphite. 

It's always nice to have more choices for less money, isn't it?

Release date

Samsung has not officially announced the launch date for the Galaxy Watch 5, but the brand has confirmed that the Galaxy Unpacked event will take place on August 10th. 

As reported, the Galaxy Watch 5 will be launched on August 26.

Since we heard about the event, we cannot confirm the Galaxy Watch 5 release date, but we will let you know as soon as we receive the right information.

Galaxy Watch 5 pre-order

Samsung's other top-selling devices, such as foldable and flip phones, will also get upgrades with the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4, alongside the Galaxy smartwatch 5.

Galaxy Unpacked Event 2022
Galaxy Unpacked Event is going to held on August 10th.

All these products will be announced at Galaxy Unpacked 2022. You can watch the event live on Galaxy Newsroom or YouTube.

Also, if you're eagerly awaiting the new Galaxy watch, you can pre-order it on the Samsung website by clicking the button below.

While some say the Galaxy Watch won't undergo any significant changes, others say it could. 

However, what we find reliable is that the Galaxy Watch 5 will receive a Wear OS 3.5 or One UI Watch 4.5 upgrade.

Furthermore, the gadget will be slightly larger than before, because it will replace the physical navigator (used to change watch faces) with an on-screen interface. 

So it will also have some space to grow screen size.

Extend battery capacity

There's one more interesting thing we found. 

The Galaxy Watch 5 battery capacity is going to increase from 247mAh to 398mAh, and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will have 571mAh battery up from 361mAh on previous classic model.

It is common for wearable smartwatches to have battery draining issues. 

The battery is not adequate for more than a few days of usage due to the sophisticated user interface, high pixel density, etc. 

While the Galaxy Watch 4 is still a good choice as it offers great specs like a dual-core processor running at 1.18 GHz, a lithium-ion battery, and more. 

That was enough for a smartwatch to offer within the budget.

Wear OS optimization

As a first step towards optimizing smartwatches, Samsung and Google both collaborated last year to create Wear OS for the Galaxy Watch 4.

Since then, it hasn't gotten any upgrades. Now it turns to getting a Wear OS 3.5 update on the newest Galaxy Watch 5.

No body temperature sensor

The Galaxy Watch 5 was reportedly expected to have a body temperature monitoring feature, according to one news outlet. 

Although tech activists claimed that this was false information, even Samsung is working on this feature for future Galaxy watches.

Certain features like Spo2 sensor, body composition, blood oxygen level checks, and heart rate monitors are definitely to come in the smartwatch 5.

Better Display quality:

One of the Galaxy Watch 5 render photos suggests that it will have a slightly bigger screen size with decent resolution. 

Because of the greater battery capacity in the Galaxy Watch 5, Samsung will have to maintain its thickness and weight balance, so the display size will be larger.

Previously, we've seen a 1.4" display size on the galaxy watch 4, which comes with AMOLED display with 450×450 pixels display resolution.

As of now, we're supposed to get a larger 1.56-inch AMOLED display in the Galaxy Watch 5. 

You can checkout one Mi band 7 review, which also offer a similar AMOLED display.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series is on its way to release.

Until now, receive all the relevant information with a ease by following us on social media, please!

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