technology write for us

technology write for us

Hi there, and welcome to Tech Magazine Bangladesh. First, we're happy to see you, and thanks for your time.

There is probably a reason or intent you're looking to find here. Though, I guess it is guest posting. We accept guest posts to broaden our connection with intelligent and refined tech authors worldwide. However, I will take some time to inform you about our blog, its purpose, users, and niches.

What is Techmagbd?

In a nutshell, Techmagbd is a technology-related blog based on the latest emerging tech news, smartphones, gadgets, and more.

We started our blog on December 3, 2021. Since then, we have happily created more than eighty-nine pieces of tech content on various topics and are counting. We learned what users should expect and find on our blog through our blog journey.

We value more than 5,000 users worldwide coming to our site and enjoying reading tech content within a few months. I know this number is tiny to highlight, but every visit is vital for us to grow. We believe we started at zero and will keep moving at a furious pace.

What is our purpose?

Content without purpose is something we say is meaningless. What is the last thing you searched on Google, YouTube, or anywhere? Isn't it what you're looking for, like suggestions, news, or anything else? We first prioritize and rewrite our content for this purpose only. We intend to compose in such a way that if someone clicks, they don't get bothered, uninterested, or timeless.

In this case, we cut back on some promotional, event-based, out-of-topic, and sponsored content to enrich our blog pages with relevance and deliberateness.

Our writers are those techy people who spend most of their time on the internet, browsing, digging, and finding a perfect piece of content that suits your intent and query.

The truth is that they are likely to compose technology content with one of these below-mentioned categories and topics.

  • The latest updates on Smartphones, PCs, Laptops, televisions, monitors, gadgets, tablets, wearables, earbuds, cameras, and more.
  • News and updates about the latest ups and downs in cryptocurrency, businesses, and social networking.
  • Announcements, rumours, leaks, and updates from the big tech companies like Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, and Meta.
  • How to: content based on your daily tech guidance, suggestions, tips, and more.
  • Real-time updates from the internet experts, blogs, and electronics companies.
  • Comparison, deep analysis, buying guides on anything related to technologies.

There are a few more I forgot to include here, but you seem interested in writing on one of these topics since you came across it here.

Please note that there are a few (not more) guidelines, aka spam filtering tactics, we will provide below to maintain our faith and purpose.

Your writing shouldn't have!

  1. promotional, sponsored, illegal, spam, abusive, or purposeless context. (We depend on Google Adsense)
  2. Copy the post or rewrite it from anywhere else. ( we check Copyscape, be careful)
  3. AI-generated or translated from other languages that have less readability.
  4. Harassment, whether explicit, misleading, or false information.
  5. Manipulated content intended to get backlinks or traffic for your website or marketing campaign.
  6. Content solely based on hacking, malicious viruses, or unwanted advertisements of your products and services.

That is not a big deal; I believe you're a good and faithful content writer. However, to know what things your writing should have, please read the below list of items.

  • At least 500+ words of conscious, easy-to-read, and relevant content.
  • Please write content that suits our above categories and topics.
  • If you can, please provide at least one copyright-free image.
  • Provide your writing in plain text, docs, or any modern format.
  • Provide 1 link (do-follow) to your site in the post body and another in the author or bio page.
  • We're aware of plagiarism. Make sure that you don't copy someone's articles and paste them.
  • If you can write SEO-friendly and on-page optimized articles for your website's benefit.
  • Please don't make grammatical mistakes or misspelt words; use the Grammarly or Quillbot tools.

Why should you write a guest post?

Guest posts unlock the massive opportunity to get some high-quality backlinks to your sites. 

It is a practice that can increase your domain rank or authority. Guest posts provide high-quality backlinks, but they also send many relevant users to your sites in lifetime duration (if the guest post is ranked). 

We highly recommend you publish your first guest post on our site. We have a good reputation in the tech industry, domain authority, social marketing, and SEO optimization. These can help your guest post rank on google and get you back some good (do-follow) links to increase your domain authority and website quality.

Publish your post now.

Please don't wait or take any reflection before leaving this page. This is your best opportunity to publish your guest post here.

Please Contact Us

Send us a mail by clicking here, and we'll get you in touch within a one-day business hour. We will see if your guest post maintains our rules and guidelines. If so, we're happy to publish your article.

In the meantime, you can go straight, open your MS Word, and start writing your first guest post here.

[ we do not accept any sponsored or paid article to publish on our website, please don't send us a message ]