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The Google Pixel watch releasing in 2022. At this stage, we saw its prototype, a leaked image. Here's what we know so far.
Google pixel watch
Strapless Google pixel watch
The much-awaited Google pixel watch has crucially revealed, whispering, and even got a prototype online. While there's nothing Upto Google about the upcoming Google pixel watch 2022. Later, the company held a Google I/O event on May 12th, expecting to hear about the Google Pixel Watch. Yeah! Let's make you clear about Google's first-ever upcoming pixel watch progression.

There has been a leak of Google Pixel online for quite some time now. Android Central recently published a picture of a Google Pixel watch that indicates it was found in a United States restaurant. As of yet, there are no reliable references to this Google pixel watch or its branding.

Meanwhile, Jon Prosser (a well-known Apple leaker) discussed the upcoming Google Pixel watch in January. According to him, Google will announce its Pixel watch on May 26th after filing a trademark for the device.

What is Google Pixel watch?

The Google Pixel Watch is Google's first wearable wristwatch, released this year. It conveniently allows people to enter the Google ecosystems via Wear OS and Fitbit (the most popular smartwatch user interface). Even though Google is well-known for its hardware capabilities in the smartwatch market, the company lacks its own products and watches.

Since Google has collaborated with Samsung to develop operating systems such as Wear OS 3 and additional features for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 wearables. The Google Pixel watch, on the other hand, will be a self-contained pixel wearable from Google.

The Google Pixel Watch will be designed in the same manner as Apple did in their Apple watches. However, The Pixel watch will have stylish watch faces and slightly rounded display bezels. There is one sizeable bold navigation button on one side. An optical heart rate monitor is integrated into the back. Although Galaxy Watch users tend to buy Pixel watches over Galaxy Watches due to Google's default Wear OS features and the lack of Samsung third-party software. However, we should take this with a grain of salt until we find out more.

Google pixel watch 2022 competitors

The smartwatch industry is becoming more competitive, with wearable companies like Samsung, Apple, Amazfit, and Huawei putting in significant effort to develop the most acceptable smartwatch devices. Google Pixel entered the smartphone business in 2013 and successfully launched several handsets.

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The company is currently developing and producing products to compete in the smartwatch industry. The Google Pixel Watch is expected to outperform current wearable devices by including a sustainable ecosystem and Wear OS functionalities. On the other hand, Samsung Watch 5, the next galaxy watch with a wear OS upgrade, will be released in August 2022. Samsung galaxy watch 5 additionally offers a significant contribution to wearable devices and strengthens the competition yet.

Pixel watch release date

Google Pixel watch doesn't have an official release date. However, the Google Pixel watch is expected to be announced at Google I/O in 2022. The Google I/O conference will be Google's biggest annual event with exciting product announcements such as Android 13, pixel foldable, and wear OS optimization. If the Google Pixel watch is unpublished at the Google I/O event, it will probably be available a couple of weeks later.

According to Jon Prosser, the exact release date of the Google Pixel watch is May 26th. Even though it's two weeks after the announcement of the Google I/O event, that also suggests the Pixel watch release date has two chances.

Google pixel watch leaks

Google pixel watch leaked image
Credit: Android Central

The newest leaks and speculations regarding the upcoming Google pixel watch get louder as the release date is within a few days.

According to the Android center,

Someone recently send a google pixel watch protype, that was found at a resturent in the United States. 

Unlike the Apple iPhone 4 announcement in 2004, it is the first time people will see the most rumored Google pixel watch.

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The latest Google pixel watch leak image reveals everything about the upcoming gadget. Google Pixel Watch rumors had described circular edges and minimal display bezels. As a round display with a bezel, it might get incredibly bright outdoor visibility. A physical crown appears to sit between two buttons on the watch. A small hole next to the height could be a microphone or an altimeter sensor to track stair climbing. Google Pixel watch will have a similar design language and strap to Fitbit versa and sense smartwatches, as Google acquired these companies a few years ago.

However, the most significant enhancement could be found in Google's Android operating system. The Wear OS 3 update will be unveiled at the Google IO event. The Google Pixel watch is also likely to receive this update. Unfortunately, Android Central could not fully boot up the Google Pixel watch, but they saw a white Google logo appear, and then it automatically discharged.

The Pixel watch has only one navigation button next to its side panel, and it looks like a standard watch button. A heart rate monitor is built into the back of the Google Pixel Watch. Although it's supposed to arrive with Google's latest wear OS, we see nothing about its user interface or home screen.

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