Google Pixel buds pro release date 2022

Google Pixel buds pro release date

The Google Pixel Buds Pro is rumoured to arrive in the upcoming months with active noise cancellation (ANC) and other impressive features. It would a severe contender in the earbud industry.

Despite the entry of the Google Pixel into true wireless earbuds in 2017, the company has released conventional earbuds, including the Google Pixel Buds and the Pixel Buds A series.

Last week, a well-known tipster said that the Google Pixel buds would be released as a "Pro" model with more features.

Google pixel buds Pro specs rumours

The rest of the reports by Jon Prosser lack features and exact information. For instance, Jon Prosser only indicates that the Pixel Buds Pro will have four colour options: natural red, Carbon, Limoncello, and Fog. Talk about the design; Google Pixel buds pro will follow the rest of the Pixel buds line-up with the Google signature.

However, several brand-new features are speculated, including active noise cancellation (ANC), head tracking, adaptive sound, etc. One of these features may make its way into the Google Pixel buds Pro due to Google's acquisition of Dysonic, a company specializing in 3D audio, and its ongoing spatial audio and head tracking projects.

In another report by Macrumors, it is said to offer Google Assistant services along with Dysonic's adaptive sound systems. An adaptive sound feature automatically adjusts the volume of your surroundings and is touch-sensitive.

Meanwhile, this appears to be a complete package with affordable pricing to tie in with the current earbuds industry leaders, Apple earbuds pro and Samsung earbuds.

Google Pixel Buds pro release date

In the meantime, no one knows when the Google Pixel buds pro will be released. The company itself did not include any other information about the upcoming Google Pixel buds pro. Nevertheless, Google I/O is on its way to taking place the following week. With the Google Pixel Watch, Android 13 beta release, and Pixel 6A smartphone, this will be Google's biggest event of the year. As a result, the Google Pixel earbud pro has a greater chance of being announced at Google I/O 2022.

A delay in launching these TWS devices may occur if Google cannot handle the mass production of the Google Pixel buds pro and the online certification process. We anticipate that Google will release the upcoming Google Pixel buds pro within a few months.

Google Pixel Buds pro price

Google Pixel buds have served as the default choice for truly wireless earbuds in the last few years. Due to the high cost of Pixel Buds ($179), the company released a new model called Pixel Buds A Series, which was only $99 and was an excellent choice for everyone.

The Google Pixel buds pro models, on the other hand, remain unknown, and it is difficult to predict the price as the earbud market continues to grow. Based on its competitors, the Pixel Buds Pro might not be more expensive than Apple earbuds pro or Samsung earbuds. It costs $249 for the Apple earbuds pro and $200 for the Samsung Galaxy buds pro.

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