WhatsApp Message Reaction Features

WhatsApp's brand-new message reaction features will be available on May 6th. WhatsApp message reaction emoji appears when you tap and hold a message.
WhatsApp new message reaction features

The Meta founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, said on his Instagram stories that WhatsApp's new message reaction features will be rolling out from today. You can check out the Google Play Store or third-party sources for WhatsApp's new message reaction features.

WhatsApp's new message reaction features will be available from May 6th, followed by other messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger. New message reaction features in WhatsApp will be an easy way to express feelings and thoughts immediately. However, WhatsApp provides additional two announcements along with the message reaction features:

  • The file transferring limit increased to 2GB now.
  • A group can have up to 512 members.

Later, the new WhatsApp reaction features will change the total appearance and simplify navigation.

On the other hand, Zuckerberg has several new tweaks to be announced in the coming month on the WhatsApp messaging apps. As we said before, the company mainly focused on building a way to broaden connections and contact through the new community features and other enhancements that we will discuss later in this article.

New message reaction Features Overview.

Smartphone messaging apps have consistently changed over the period. WhatsApp remains the most popular and the second most used messaging app after Facebook. This messaging platform was brought by Meta, formally known as Facebook, in February 2014 for a total acquisition of $19 billion.

In 2022, WhatsApp will keep rolling out the most critical updates. These are

  • Whatsapp community feature.
  • Enhancement in the voice message and voice call functionalities.
  • Hide your last seen from specific contacts.
  • Multi-device community support
  • And most recently, WhatsApp's message reaction features with 2GB of file sharing capabilities with 512 people can be added to a group.

While most of these features are under development, it takes some days to all out for Android and IOS users. To tweak this new functionality, you might be able to enjoy WhatsApp's new message reaction features by joining the WhatsApp beta program or downloading the WhatsApp reaction update version apps from third-party sources. But we recommend you wait until WhatsApp makes it available for everyone and stay rolling out the emoji reaction feature.

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How to use WhatsApp reaction

WhatsApp's new messaging reaction feature was also announced by the head of WhatsApp, Will Cathcart. He posted a video showing WhatsApp's new messaging features with over 6 emojis at the start and would update skin tone and color in the coming month.

Reacting to a WhatsApp message is very simple and initiative as we are all familiar with Other meta-messaging services like Facebook Messenger and Instagram user interface.

You can follow the below steps to react to a WhatsApp message.

  1. First, download the latest WhatsApp apps with new message reaction features.
  2. Launch or open the WhatsApp app.
  3. Send or receive a message to your friends, colleagues, and relatives. ( Or perform the WhatsApp new message reaction features in your existing messages)
  4. Now, press on these messages, and a pop-up with six emojis will appear with the animation you had seen on Facebook Messenger.
  5. Select one of these emojis to express your thoughts and reactions.
  6. After this simple gesture, you could see an emoji appear right below your messages.

You can react to a message on Android and IOS of the WhatsApp app in the same way. However, some devices won't get this update because of their weak Android version and phone capabilities.

WhatsApp's new message reaction features will minimize the text keyboard's unusual and weird emojis-sending procedure. It will also save you time and eliminate unnecessary clutter. You can easily express your reactions and thoughts by reacting to a message following six emojis: like, love, laugh, wonder, cry, and hand emojis. In the starting, the emojis would have default color and screen tune like we saw before, but the company claimed that they are also planning to update the emojis as soon as possible.

The Meta-owned WhatsApp has several new features postponed to roll out later this year. In the last week, WhatsApp officially announced the enhancement in the voice message functionality. The ancient look voice message remained silent for many years, while the company recently updated and improved the voice message feature. Users now can take advantage of voice message functionality like out-of-chat playback, fast and forward quality, visualization, draft preview, and other features.

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On the contrary, a few WhatsApp features are expected to roll out in 2022. These features include hiding your last seen from your specific contact list, immediately deleting your send messages, new community functionality for broadening user interaction, Instagram reals, etc.

We will try to inform you if we get any information regarding WhatsApp's new features or updates; follow us on social media to get essential articles in the news on your chosen topic.

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