Oppo Reno 12 Series Release Date On June 18: Everything You Need To Know

Oppo Reno 12 Pro back side placing on a ground
Oppo Reno 12 Pro boasts a glazing finish on Black Brown color via Javier_barba on X

Oppo's Reno 12 series, including the Reno 12 and Reno 12 Pro models, will debut globally in Europe on June 18. The series, which features a "futuristic fluid" design and AI features, was previously launched in China. The global edition of the Reno 12 mirrors its Chinese counterpart with the addition of an IR Blaster. The launch event is also expected to showcase a variety of IoT products.

Oppo has recently announced the release of its Reno 12 series in Europe. Though it was launched in China a month earlier, the Reno 12 series is set to make waves on a global scale, with its first global launch event in Ibiza, Spain, on June 18, according to an official teaser video posted on X.

The Oppo Reno 12 Series: What's New?

The Oppo Reno 12 series will come in two models: Oppo Reno 12 and Oppo Reno 12 Pro.

Fluid, innovative, and powered by AI. The #OPPOReno12Series is coming soon, globally 🌏 #OPPOAIPhone

Both models will be available in two colors: Black Brown and Astral Silver, showcased in Oppo's official teasers. Notably, the Reno 12 (global edition) mirrors its Chinese counterpart, sporting a centered punch-hole display, a rectangular camera island, a USB-C port with a SIM card slot, and a microphone and speaker on the bottom. A unique feature of the global model is the inclusion of an IR Blaster on the top, which is absent in the Chinese Reno 12, but present in the Pro model.

AI features included in the Reno 12 Series

We've observed their latest teaser video posted on X and found that this time they will emphasize the AI, following the increasing demand for this technology on the market.

Oppo Reno 12 Series smartphone in two color options and features the labels AI Portrait and AI LinkBoost
The Oppo Reno 12 Series phone comes in colors and features "AI Portrait" and "AI LinkBoost" features.

Simultaneously, we've seen the brand mention two AI features: AI portrait and AI Link Boost, on the advertisement post on 'X'

First global launch in Europe and Beyond

The Reno 12 and Reno 12 Pro global editions are set to make their debut in Europe before expanding to other markets. Besides, the unveiling event is also expected to showcase a variety of IoT products, including wearables and TWS earbuds.


With the release of the Oppo Reno 12 series globally, Oppo continues to push AI features to its smartphones to compete in the contemporary AI era. The combination of AI features, design, and the latest specs will make the Reno 12 series an exciting addition to the existing model of Oppo smartphones. While we're still unsure when the brand will expand its devices to more regions, for now, we expect that it's the beginning of Oppo to competent in the global AI race.

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