iPhone iOS 16 Lockdown Mode helps to block spyware

iPhone iOS 16 Lockdown Mode protects users from cyberattacks. It will help journalists and social activists avoid being targeted by digital threats.
iOS 16 Lockdown Mode

Apple has announced one more important security feature, "Lockdown Mode", to protect users from spyware.

We know Apple services are always devoted to its users' privacy and security. The upcoming iOS 16 Lockdown Mode will provide improved iPhone security for people who are targeted by mercenary spyware. This will help protect them from having their phones hacked, and their information stolen.

Lockdown Mode was neither announced nor teased at WWDC 2022. Additionally, it's a rare example of Apple platform programming that intentionally lacks broad appeal.

Apple has announced that it will be adding a Lockdown Mode to its upcoming iPhone and Mac software. This mode will be available in iOS 16, iPad OS 16, and macOS. It will be developed to protect users from Pegasus Spyware.

What is the iPhone iOS 16 Lockdown Mode?

Apple is adding a new security feature called "Lockdown Mode" to all its devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. This feature will be available in the fall.

The Lockdown Mode prevents Apple devices from receiving messages containing explicit links, images, or scripts. It also stopped showing any link preview, disabling the ability to create a new configuration profile and mobile device management (MDM).

If Lockdown Mode is turned on on an Apple device, then users will not receive any FaceTime or invitations from an unknown person.

Is Lockdown Mode coming to iOS 16? 

Apple has announced two innovative features to protect users from targeted threats developed by state-sponsored organizations.

First, the iPhone iOS 16 Lockdown Mode is extreme, optional protection for the very small number of users who face spyware risk. The iOS 16 Lockdown Mode will be available in the upcoming fall along with iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura

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Apple has established a $10 million fund for cybersecurity organizations that analyze, investigate, or prevent highly targeted sophisticated cyberattacks. Apple announced Wednesday that this money will be donated to the Ford Foundation's Dignity and Justice Fund. Though, Apple, Access Now, Citizen Lab, the Engine Room, and Amnesty International will be the fund's advisers.

What will iOS 16 Lockdown Mode protect?

iPhone iOS 16 Lockdown Mode

The following items will be protected by iOS 16 Lockdown Mode:

  • Message attachment types other than images are blocked. The preview of links and some other features are disabled.
  • Some complex web technologies are disabled in Lockdown Mode unless a trusted site is allowed. This includes just-in-time (JIT) JavaScript compilation.
  • Incoming invites and service requests, including FaceTime calls, are blocked if the assistant has not previously made a call or request.
  • Wired connections to computers or accessories are blocked when the iPhone is locked.
  • New iOS 16 Lockdown Mode prevents the installation of configuration profiles and enrollment in mobile device management (MDM).

Pegasus Spyware: what is it?

The Pegasus spyware is the riskiest security exposure, capable of exploiting information on both Android and iOS platforms. It was developed by the Israeli cyber-arms company, NSO Group. Since then, it has become a threat for most social activists.

This information can be accessed or stolen by Pegasus.
  • Images, videos, recordings, location data, communications, web searches, passwords, call logs, and social media posts.
  • Activate microphones and cameras for real-time monitoring without the user's permission or knowledge.
  • It can access a user's account or computer without any alarm.
  • Likewise, it can bypass your smartphone's security and install spyware to allow access to your phone.
  • It can read or receive messages you've sent or received from someone.

Apple is giving away $10 million to groups that can help stop targeted cyberattacks. There is also a $2 million bounty program reward for those who can provide information leading to the prevention of these attacks

Recently, a security vulnerability was found in Google's Chrome browser that allowed hackers to access user information. That means even big tech companies are targeted by hackers. The good news is that the new iOS 16 Lockdown Mode will block potentially hackable web browsing technologies and malicious websites.

Does Pegasus spyware affect anyone?

You don't need to worry about mercenary spyware since it does not harm typical iPhone users except high-profile social activists. In particular, such spyware is more likely to infect senior government officials, journalists, business people, and politicians.

The Pegasus virus will gather all the details on your phone within seconds of infecting it.

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