Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: Pre-order, specs, and more

Samsung will announce its newest wearable, the Galaxy Watch 5, on August 10th. Learn more about its specs, features, and pre-order details here.
Samsung galaxy watch 5 image


Name Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
Pre-order 10th August
Launch date 26th August
Launch event Galaxy Unpacked 2022
Source Evan Blass (via 91mobiles)

Key features

  • 46mm size on Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
  • LTE and Bluetooth support
  • 10W fast charging
  • IP 68 rating for dust and water resistance, MIL-STD-810G protection, support for GPS, NFC (previous)

The next generation Galaxy smartwatch 5 series is knocking on the door.

Earlier in the August 26th launch date, we find plenty of information from rumors that might be true about the Samsung galaxy watch 5 and galaxy watch 5 Pro.

Evan Blass posted some information about the upcoming Samsung watch 5 on 91Mobiles.

Based on his rumors, we know that Galaxy Watch 5 is coming out on 26th August and will be initially announced on 10th August at the Galaxy Unpacked event 2022.

So that means Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 pre-orders will also start right after the announcement.

We also know the galaxy watch 5 color, design, and some interesting questions like "will galaxy watch 5 have a body temperature sensor"?

Here is everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy watch 5. (Know earlier; otherwise, the hype will try to fool you).

No more Galaxy Watch 5 classic!

Yes, you heard it right.

The Samsung Galaxy watch 4 classic is still top-notch. It has to be because after Apple, if you have to buy a smartwatch on a budget, then Samsung will be the best choice.

But now, instead of the classic variant, the galaxy is replacing it with a pro model, which they find eye-catching for marketing.

Samsung is bringing new features and modernity to their smartwatch every moment. They hold a launch event around August every year to launch the new generation Galaxy Watch series. In August last year, Samsung launched the Galaxy Watch 4 series. 

In continuation, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 release date will be on 26th August this year.

Other smart watches are becoming more competitive, with Google recently releasing the Pixel Watch, Fossil releasing the Gen 7, and Fitbit continuing to develop the latest wearable smart watches.

Now you know the Galaxy watch announcement made at the Galaxy unpacked event.

So we are excited for the Galaxy Z fold 4 and Z Flip 4, that's said to be announced alongside the Galaxy watch 5.

Three new galaxy watch 5 this time

Galaxy watch 5 release date

Let's dive into some technical information.

Galaxy Club expands the exact model name with the model number of the galaxy smartwatch 5.

There are three models of galaxy watches coming instead of two. These are Heart-S (model SM-R90x), Heart-L (model SM-R91x), and lastly, a third model: Heart-Pro (SM-R92x).

Now the question is, what are these three models?

First, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will come around in two sizes, 40mm and 44mm.

The first two models appear to be the standard variant of the Galaxy Watch 5 in two different sizes. The Heart-Pro variant with model number SM-R92x is said to be the more premium Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

To make this happen, Samsung has worked with an additional model.

However, it's a good idea for users who want to grab the watch with affordable pricing. (40mm will be cheaper than 44mm)

On the other hand, the Heart-Pro variant with model number SM-R92x is said to be the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. It contains a 2mm large screen size of 46mm would set you back more pens than the other two models.

Design is still the same Ah! Man. I don't want to discourage you from buying the latest galaxy watches.

The Galaxy Watch 5 has now got slightly few changes in the design. The picture below indicates that Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will come with various color options. These are Purple, Pink, Gold, and Graphite.

Samsung galaxy watch 5 color option
Image credit: 91Mobiles

The pro model, the Samsung galaxy watch 5 Pro, gives you fewer color choices with only a little black and grey variant. 

These three models will offer the same strap as watch 4. You can swap with it or go for a custom-made one.

Instead of the physical rotating on-screen navigation, Galaxy refined it with software-based touch rotating sliders.

If you are unfamiliar with this feature, then no problem. It is just on-screen navigation to change watch faces by rotating the circle. 

But I think it's more comfortable and sensitive than the innovative touch screen slider.

Above all, we anticipate seeing a good move in color selection, titanium casing, and a display protected by sapphire crystal on the galaxy watch 5 series.

The display is going to be bigger.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 360 degree image
Image credit: 91Mobiles

We don't get any information about the display or its screen sizes. But some reports claimed that the Galaxy Watch 5 would have a bigger screen size with a Samsung AMOLED display. 

We also saw pictures of 46mm galaxy watch 5 Pro that indicate a lot about the display size.

Nevertheless, being the bezel-less screen and apart from the navigation slider, the watch 5 appears more charming.

Previously, the galaxy was packed with a 1.4" Super AMOLED display of 450×450 resolution on the galaxy watch 4.

That might be increased or optimized on the galaxy watch 5.

Also, I must mention that Samsung keeps adding more beautiful watch faces and sports modes in their new version of galaxy watches.

Upgraded Wear OS

Samsung galaxy watch 5 is supposed to run on WearOS 3.5 peeled with One UI Watch 4.5.

It's good to mention that Samsung keeps updating its operating system with more advanced features.

And as a result, every new variant of the galaxy watch comes with smooth UI, navigation, and hundreds of refreshed watch faces.

However, there are few chances of getting a new sensor or sports mode in the watch 5.

Also, Samsung dismissed the claim of getting body temperature this time as it's a complex feature that needs to be tested a few more times.

Bigger battery capacity 

We can undoubtedly claim the battery information is going to be true if the above information we provided is false.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will be powered by a 398mAh battery up from 247 mAh on watch 4(40mm) and a 571mAh battery on the watch 5 Pro up from 361mAh on watch 4(44mm)

Both are said to come with 10W fast charging with magnetic charging. However, it is not going to be as fast as you think. But it can decrease the charging time by twice.


Galaxy watch 5 (40mm) Galaxy watch 5 (44mm) Galaxy watch 5 Pro (46mm)
$310 (Bluetooth) $360 (LTE) $360 (Bluetooth) $410 (LTE) $500 (Bluetooth) $550 (LTE)

As you can see, the mentioned price is slightly higher than the current Galaxy watch 4 available on the market.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 price is about $310-$360 for the regular 40mm size. The other model will cost you a little more, around $360-$410.

On top of that, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 pro price is somehow $500 and $550 for both the Bluetooth and LTE versions, respectively.

So many of you might be thinking, is it worth buying the Samsung watch 5 or going for the galaxy watch 4 with discount pricing?

We would recommend you not look for a watch to buy or pre-order this time around. You can purchase this latest galaxy smartwatch 5 at a discount within the next few months.

If you have to buy or waiting for Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 pre-order, you can go to the below links with discount pricing.

So that was some of the information we collected from the internet about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy watch 5. We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Please consider subscribing to our newsletter to receive all the essential tech updates right in your inbox (fast and without any advertising)

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