Brazil has banned the sale of iPhones without chargers

They fined Apple $2.38 million for not providing a charger in the box and suspended the sale of upcoming iPhones, including the iPhone 12.
iPhone 12 smartphone in a hand
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Ahead of the new iPhone 14, Apple Watch 8 launch, the Brazilian government suspended iPhone sales, which no longer contain a battery charger. 

As part of the company's effort to reduce carbon emissions, they decided not to include a charger with the latest model of iPhones. 

Brazil, however, was engulfed in controversy over this. The government has warned Apple not to sell iPhone models without battery chargers.

Meanwhile, they fined Apple $2.38 million and suspended sales of the iPhone 12 and newer models. 

According to the Brazilian justice ministry, they decided to suspend iPhone sales, which they think is an incomplete package for consumers. 

Also, he argued that the iPhone lacked an essential element of “deliberate discriminatory practice against consumers.”

Apple's argument that selling the smartphone without a charger would reduce carbon emissions was rejected by the authorities from an environmental viewpoint.

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