The Android 12 Go version has been announced: here's what we know so far!

Google finally announced Android 12 Go edition OS for entry level smartphone. Android 12 go edition is built to boost device performance and battery.
Android 12 go edition announced by Google

Google officially launched Android 12 for flagship and mid-range devices on October 4, 2021. And, two months after Google released a beta and degraded version of the Android 12 operating system for entry-level handsets, dubbed the Android 12 Go edition.

Android 12 (Go version) is being designed to power all feasible entry-level devices. The Android 12 go edition OS will boost the performance of smartphones with 2 GB of RAM or less. Android 12 (Go edition) also emphasizes certain significant improvements over Android's prior operating system, including quicker app loading by giving the go version of specific Google goods, improved battery efficiency, and a more compact UX and UI design. Google also stated that smartphones running the Android 12 go edition will be 30% quicker than handsets not running the Android 12 go edition.

In this section, we will highlight some of the most helpful Android 12 go edition features for entry-level handsets.

improved performance:

Android 12 go edition is based on a tiny Google application that has been reduced to go version. As a result, app opening and functioning will be quicker than before. 

When you use Android 12 (Go version) on a low-cost smartphone, app opening times will be 15% faster. Furthermore, the Android 12 go edition has 270 MB of extra RAM for running several applications and games at the same time, as well as 900 MB of extra storage for storing media files and images. Overall, the increased RAM and storage will help to improve the performance and efficiency of entry-level devices.

In case you're looking forward to it!

Android 12 go edition battery saving

Battery conservation:

As we said before, the Android 12 go edition is built and developed with a lightweight/go edition of the Android application. As a result, it will use less battery capacity and run for a longer period of time. Google met a new function that was previously present on iPhone devices in the Android 12 go edition, which automatically hibernates/freezes unused applications that have not been used for an extended period of time.

Enhanced security:

In the Android 12 go edition, the user will notice a new privacy feature on top of the status bar that will notify them of an undesired application's unpermitted access to their location and microphone. Users can also quickly disable the undesired permissions of location and microphone using this functionality, resulting in more security and privacy.

One of the primary Android security and privacy features, such as Google Play Protect, Google Find My Device, and a password manager will be accessible for an entry-level smartphone running the Android 12 Go Edition operating system.

Productive OS:

The entry-level smartphone of the 20s does not fulfil many of the productive tools and features that the Android 12 go edition will bring you, such as Google lens, Google assistant, digital wellness, and so on. All of these tools and applications will be available on Android 12 go edition smartphones.

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Google will begin rolling out the Android 12 go version to all entry-level handsets early next year. Beginning in 2022, the entry-level smartphone will be launched without a box Android 12 go edition.

According to Google, the Android go edition operating system is presently installed on more than 80% of the world's entry-level handsets. This allowed for an infinite amount of experience and features to be obtained at a little cost.

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