YouTube membership gifting feature 2022: how to gift YouTube membership

YouTube membership gifting features

Google-owned Youtube tests membership gifting features and lives redirect gaming to expand the presence of live streams, more ways to monetize, and improved chat features. Yet, the platform is experimenting with YouTube's membership gifting beta version features for specific desktop gamers; the mobile version will be compatible in the full launch.

What is Youtube membership gifting?

YouTube recently introduced membership gifting features that automatically send a one-month free membership to devoted viewers of individual streamers who don't even pay a subscription. It emphasizes widening and keeping constant gaming viewers by offering a one-month free membership subscription during the streamer's live chat. Regardless, all creators and viewers should follow these steps to become eligible.

  • For creators: you've got to fill up this Google form (provide your channel URL and ID) to facilitate the membership gifting feature. In addition, you can read the "YouTube membership gifting" article published on the Google support page.
  • For viewers: YouTube membership gifting feature unplugs a fantastic possibility for individual viewers who consistently watch their favorite streamer's videos. Though you've to opt-out 'Allow Gifts' option or click the $ sign pinned on live chat to be eligible for YouTube membership gifting. Is (New to a streamer? Nothing will work for you)

How does YouTube membership gifting work?

For those wondering how YouTube membership works, it's similar to "twitch subscription" terms. YouTube membership gifting supports your frequent viewers who have never joined or taken your subscriptions before. 

  • It is like accumulating referrals from your current channel members. Their membership purchase will reward your faithful non-subscribed viewers. Although, users can purchase a membership on live stream via the $ button next to the live chat (only available for desktops). 
  • Subsequently, YouTube will opt for a notification on the live streams only for your frequent viewers. They will receive one month of free access to premium membership features.
  • Keep in mind that YouTube allocates gift membership based on how much time they (viewers) interact watching your content. Loyal viewers of your channel are most likely to get the gift membership.

It's a part of YouTube Gaming.

YouTube first entered the gaming sector in 2015 after noticing users absorbed other streaming platforms like Twitch and HitBox.

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That's it; YouTube holds the potential users and streamers to consume time on YouTube from among these sites. Within 3 years from the initial release of YouTube gaming, the platform used to offer channel membership for its creators with more than 100,000 subscribers. YouTube membership unlocked the driven power of gaming for its creator. Though $4.99 membership cost leads the industry with 800 billion gaming videos, 90 million hours of Livestream content, and 250 million gaming videos uploaded on this platform, as YouTube stated in a blog.

Currently, YouTube has many spotless features to release in the coming years to support the YouTube gaming channel. It currently offers many ways for its video creator to monetize content: advertisement, premium, super chat, membership, merchandise, super thanks, and other features. However, YouTube membership and excellent chat features unlock potential and adequate revenue for YouTube gamers. 

In a recent blog, YouTube drastically announced

they are working on an ongoing membership gifting feature released earlier as a beta version, which is only available for limited creators and desktop PCs. 

In contrast, the company ensured that YouTube membership gifting would be known widely to everyone and mobile devices. Creator with more or less than a $5 price level with a level name would be eligible for the membership gifting beta feature.

YouTube membership gifting won't hurt your revenue. As we said before, YouTube finds more ways to monetize your content. With membership gifting features, you will get the same 70/30 revenue split after all the additional charges.

Here are another two YouTube gaming channel features released behind membership gifting features.

Live Redirect streaming feature.

Several days ago, Google announced the live redirect gaming and Membership gift features. Live Redirect will let YouTube gaming viewers effortlessly watch another stream once someone's streaming ends. 

Check this out, please!

This is created to engage with the gaming communities and redirect relevant YouTube streaming based on viewers' usage. Although, it will open the chances for getting more views on YouTube live streaming for the beginner.

Google partnership with Discord

Google is taking every step to make a better community for YouTube gaming. The company recently partnered with the discord app, a popular messaging app for gamers, to bring many handy features and subscriptions like Discord nitro (unlocked for premium members).

Conversely, discord premium members are free to use a YouTube premium subscription as their collaboration earned it.