Snap Pixy drone buy: best selfie drone 2022?

The Snap Pixy drone is available in the Snapchat store for $230 with a four-month shipment delay. So, is it the best selfie drone? Let's find out.
Snap Pixy drone buy
Snap Pixy - Image collected from Cool material

Snap Pixy drone is the latest handheld selfie drone camera from Snapchat, an American multimedia messaging company.

Unlike other selfie drone cameras in the industry, the Snap Pixy drone camera is petite and attractive. Its front-facing camera with proper framing and gridlines captures an average picture quality (2.7K video resolution). The video quality is better than HD and fits horizontally, but you can edit the footage to execute any aspect ratio or orientation. 

In contrast, it has one extra camera underneath the drone to make the footage steady and function as a sensor. Consequently, it is the best alternative to the dull holding of a smartphone stick. Moreover, the Snap Pixy drone camera can be operated with your thumb without an app, even though it is convenient and easy to fly.

This article will discuss the Snap Pixy drone price and whether you should use this new Snapchat product if you don't have a stick.

Snap Pixy drone price

The Snap Pixy drone camera went on sale and was available for pre-order last week, on the 28th of April. This handheld, portable drone camera will cost you $230, offering a beautiful case, carrying strap, and a single battery out of the package. You can buy the Snap Pixy drone directly at the Snapchat official store. However, the Verge claimed that Snapchat doesn't produce enough for its mini-creature drone camera gadgets. Nevertheless, even though it took a couple of weeks to get shipped, the Snap Pixy drone from the company looks promising.

Earlier this week, Snapchat announced that the Pixy Drone would take 15–16 weeks to arrive at your home. Unfortunately, it will also apply to those who pre-order this drone after the 28th of April and will have to wait four months to receive the Snap Pixy drone.

Snapchat has done the commercial and pre-production for Snap Pixy Drone, as seen in last week's "Time Square" billboard advertisement. The company took people's attention ahead of the sale to continue the production. 

The Verge said that the company comprehends rigorously how many drones will be sold in a year and is working on it.

Snap Pixy drone is the real Snapchat.

Snapchat has created this flying selfie drone camera to widely present and promote its services. The Snap Pixy drone design is adorable and merged with two different colors: yellow for the body and orange for the four wings. Moreover, the company makes everything fit perfectly, like the controller, branches, and funny bumper within this undersized area.
Being a little gadget, sometimes it seems it doesn't hurt, but it is risky to fly. In this case, Snapchat said not to pass this drone above seven mph wind speed and get away from children.
Selfie or drone? Snap Pixy drone has won!

You can take selfies and record steady footage with a "pocket-friendly" Snap Pixy drone. First, take this drone to your thumb and eye level for launch, and press the button. It will turn on the wings for the breakout. (You have to watch YouTube videos to understand how to pick the suitable mode at the right time.)

Five modes on the center-positioned controller can simplify controlling the drone. As we said earlier, there are two default modes, like turning on or off the drone, and five additional methods for taking better pictures and videos. 
  • Selfie-shot: The first mode is best for taking selfies in your indoor room. It will float a couple of feet above your height and stick around you like a hummingbird. Don't forget to customize the video duration in the Snapchat app. It can capture less than 60 seconds of longer videos.
  • Drone-shot: This is the most prevalent and default drone camera feature where the drone flies upward to capture your shot, sometimes known as "reveal mode." (The Snap Pixy drone captures only 60 feet of distance from your thumb, and you can customize it for a 30-second video in the Snapchat app.)
  • Follow-mode: In this mode, the Snap Pixy drone will follow you and keep moving at your walking speed. However, its sensor is sometimes unable to detect the right direction. So, make sure to keep it close to yourself.
  • Spin-mode: Snap Pixy drone camera will spin around your head for a couple of seconds to take a 360-type story video. However, a spin mode isn't optimized or intuitive as a standard drone feature. In addition, your drone can sometimes fall anywhere, which is risky.

Snap Pixy drone camera hustle:

The Snap Pixy drone camera is an affordable photography device to buy. However, being an inexpensive gadget, it lacks professionalism. Here are things we shouldn't expect from Snap Pixy.
  • You can't take better quality videos like 4k or Full HD+.
  • You can't take 60-second videos with a Snap Pixy drone.
  • Playing with the wind or in front of trees is not suitable. Snap Pixy lacks the proper weight and technology to work as a regular drone. Snap Chat focuses on building this gadget to capture steady stories and selfies for your Snapchat.
  • A Snap Pixy drone camera can fly five to eight times on a single battery charge.
Above all, if you look back at a regular drone camera, it will cost you ten to fifteen times more than this super cute portable selfie drone camera. However, some people who want to capture stories and selfies by themselves can purchase this gadget. In addition, it's compatible with the Snapchat ecosystem, so if you're a native user, why don't you buy it?

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