5 Ways to choose the Best Gadgets 2023

A white beautiful Android Smartwatch
A white beautiful Android Smartwatch. Image credit Unsplash

Buying a new tech product is a breathtaking experience. You know, everyone loves an upgrade from an old boring device.

But there might be hassling steps whenever you go to the market or online store. Marketers are spending thousands of dollars on how to trick people.

And you are familiar with advertising or promo. When a new product lunch, there are several advertisement campaigns, and paid promotion starts rolling on the internet.
These attractive promos influence everyone. So the chances of getting liked or desired for the product are very high. And as a result, you will regret finding another product besides the one you had seen recently or were influenced by.

For the best results, carefully follow each step in this guide for advice and tips on selecting the appropriate tech product.

Don't watch advertisement or promotion

A Coca-Cola billboard advertisement.
This billboard CocaCola Ad looks very attractive. Picture by Unsplash

It is honestly vital for everyone. You won't find any brands that only emphasize their downs or hoaxes in their advertisements. Instead, they want to attract consumers. And you're one of them.
According to Statista, in 2020, an estimated $225.8 billion was spent on media advertising in the US. They also estimate that it could be higher in the upcoming year as economic growth increases rapidly.
Now it creates a massive problem for users like us. We used to find the right and most value-for-money tech within our budget.

The right technological outcomes are overlooked or driven off the market if brands continue to create hype.

The cost of the product will soon rise as a result of the expenditure on digital marketing costs.

We highly recommend you not fall into advertising but also user feedback or reviews.

Get feedback from an actual user who bought or utilized the products. To do this, you can find a review section on every E-Commerce site like Amazon.

Head over to the review section and catch what a user comments about the product you are going to buy.

Also, it's good to mention TrustPilot, for checking reviews and feedback.

YouTube is your best buddy.

Someone looking for something on a laptop
Look into the specifics of your product on YouTube. Credit: Unsplash

When I'm thinking about buying something new, I go to YouTube and search for it. Take a closer look at one of the following expressions: 

  • "don't buy this" or "why is it a waste of money." 
It will hurt some of your upcoming products. And even if there aren't many of them, you're happy to buy your product because it's real.

Remember that some of the YouTube content is sponsored as well, so be cautious. Find out what people’s saying in the YouTube comments to feel more confident about your upcoming purchase.

Compare and compare

You should follow the instructions below if you are not a tech guru and want to comprehend the intricate technical details of a product.

For instance, if you were going to buy an OLED, you would be familiar with certain things and know the size, display, features, and design. It's important to understand every aspect of your product.

However, many people understand a product's technical details. It is worthwhile to compare various tech or gadgets to determine which one is best for you.

If you're thinking about buying something, don't forget to try a demo or actually use the product; if that's not possible, user reviews are the next best thing.

Know the actual price first.

Pricing is a very crucial part of buying a new tech product. This varies from brand to brand and their manufacturing costs.

Your goal is to see what is the average feature of your future product and which brand cost you less by providing these.

Low production costs are a sign that the product is made of plastic or low-cost materials. And it is not going to be sustainable!

This is why brands like Apple or Sony are always expensive.

Now think deeply when you bought something, for example, a smartphone, you must have checked and checked many videos online or on youtube before purchasing your phone.

Your phone must be above $100 or more budget. If it is below or within this budget then it may be the case that your phone is not durable or lacks important features. Because if the components required to make a smartphone are estimated, the price of the phone will be above $100.

Our tips for you will be to do market research. When you see that product in the market, there will be a middle price compared to a high range (high price) and a low range (low price), so understand that you have to buy the average of that range. And it's going to be durable and of fairly good quality.

Know What is trending

The most crucial lesson to take away when investing in new technology is to be aware of its state. 

For instance, 3D printers are currently pricy because significant advancements have not yet been made. Since this is the case, the cost of a 3D printer today is very high in comparison to what it will be in the following ten years. 

Always take into account where technology is at the moment and whether any real innovation has occurred. Buy if this is the case; if not, don't.

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