Telegram premium subscription: features and price

Telegram's premium subscription feature will cost you $4.99 monthly for an advertisement-free enhanced messaging experience. Learn more here!
Telegram premium subscription
Telegram premium subscription features are the new cross-platform features that enhance more capabilities for users to do more with only a $4.99 subscription. Suppose a user subscribes to a premium subscription. In that case, they will enjoy no advertisements, faster loading time, premium stickers, animated avatars, etc.

Here's a detailed overview of these new telegram premium subscription features.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a well-known secure cross-messaging platform founded by Russian billionaire Pavel Durov. Currently, the messaging company is operating in Dubai, UAE. It's gaining popularity when other messaging platforms like WhatsApp struggle to secure users' privacy.
However, Telegram has more than 500 million monthly active users globally, and over half are from Asia. The messaging platform is free for everyone and serves excellent messaging features, which have gained a reliable reputation. But for them, it was not an easy thing to do. It requires more investment and development costs day by day. And the company finds a way to reduce the overall cost and improve the product.

This will be the next approach to monetize the messaging platform after it enables in-app advertising in 2021.
The new Telegram premium subscription option is now available for specific users who want to pay $4.99/month for additional features and enhancements like the Twitter blue, which recently got everyone's attention. Here is the list of features only available to telegram premium subscription.

Double the current limitations.

You can double or expand the current app feature limitations by subscribing to Telegram Premium. Now you can do more with folders, supergroups, pinned dialogue, public links, saved GIFs, and so on.

Upload up to 4GB files

You know, it is disgusting. If you wanted to send a large video file or movie to your friends, you would probably end up limited by the 2GB upload limitation in Telegram. Now, that's good news that you can double the amount of uploading or downloading size. That means doing more with up to 4GB of uploading limitations in the messaging cloud drive.

Faster loading time

Who doesn't like faster app optimization? That's the point of speedier app opening time and downloading speed due to the access to saved additional cache files from Telegram. Users who subscribe to a Telegram premium subscription will enjoy double the rate of messaging service.

No advertisement

Telegram runs sponsored post ads at the bottom of each post, which means natively displayed links, images, or channels will not be visible in the telegram premium.
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One of the reasons for picking the Telegram premium subscription feature is to enjoy the app without unwanted advertisements. Yeah, there aren't any ads in the premium at all. The messaging platform will soon introduce a paid tool under premium for disabling advertisements.

New reaction, stickers, and animated avatars

Telegram premium subscribers now have access to a brand new reaction, sticker, and animated avatar features. According to them, many things are added to make them more unique and competent. It includes more than 16 new emojis from the default setting, exclusive stickers with full-screen effects, and the avatar will create animation when the user profile is opened or in the dialogue from a chat list.

New Star badge next to user profile

Stand out from the crowd by showing your star icon next to your profile. A user who subscribes to the Telegram Premium feature will get an exclusive start badge next to their name.

Is it worth subscribing to Telegram's premium feature?

There are more handy new features available only for Telegram Premium users. But, if you ask me, why should I pay for messaging software when there are so many options available? I suppose you might be wrong. 

Telegram has more compatible features and security than any other social or messaging platform. Small to medium-sized businesses frequently use this platform to gather customer inquiries by creating an artificial bot that can respond to anything at the users' command. That's fantastic and has been absent in most of the secure messaging software till now.
However, other social networking companies are also finding suitable methods to get more revenue by displaying advertisements that lack a compact user experience. 

Twitter blue vs. telegram premium subscription

Recently, we've discussed Elon Musk's strategies on his new social media, where you might have heard that Twitter has released Twitter Blue for specific regions, where users will get more functionality over the default Twitter.
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