Motorola Moto G52 Vs Moto G51 comparison in 2022

Motorola Moto G52 Vs Moto G51 comparison
Motorola Moto G52 (left) Vs Moto G51 (right)

Motorola is introducing plenty of new smartphones in Europe. It's good news for us, but it's also challenging to decide which smartphone is ideal. Motorola has offered a variety of choices within its Motorola Moto g series. Today's selection will be between Motorola's midrange rivals, the Moto G52 and the Motorola G51 smartphone. We hope that we have clarified enough for you to make the correct decision before spending your money.

Motorola is taking its time to release the Moto G52 smartphone, the successor of the Moto G51, which was released in December 2021. It's even more difficult to compare individual Motorola G series devices because they have significantly fewer negotiating points. Motorola recently released Motorola G22, Moto g41, moto g51, etc.

Pricing comparison:

The Motorola moto G52 smartphone offers a decent configuration compared to the previous Motorola moto G51 smartphone. On the other hand, Motorola reduced the current price of the Moto g51 smartphone from £249,99 to £199,99, indicating the arrival of the Moto G52 smartphone.

Furthermore, the Motorola Moto G52 with 4GB+128GB storage will cost £249,99. (great storage sense). The Motorola Moto G52 lacks a 5G connection while offering a more compact performance and display quality. The Moto g51, on the other hand, does support 5G connectivity; however, the display quality and performance may be less power efficient compared to the Motorola G52 smartphone.

Hardware Performance:

In terms of actual configuration, both smartphones feature a Qualcomm processor. The Motorola Moto G52 is powered by the latest-generation Snapdragon 680 processor, whereas the g51 is powered by the Snapdragon 481 SoC. The second most significant modification is in the display section. The Motorola Moto G52 has a 90Hz refresh rate and the brightest and most vivid super AMOLED display. The display is made with OLED technology, which you may have seen advertised.

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The Motorola Moto G51 smartphone, on the other hand, has a fast 120Hz response time or refresh rate but a disadvantage in display quality. It uses an IPS LCD display panel, which is less vibrant and colorful than a super AMOLED or OLED display.

Camera performance:

The camera remains the same, with minor changes to the ultra-wide lens and selfie camera. Motorola drops the pixel resolution of the ultra-wide camera from 13MP to 8MP while raising the pixel resolution of the selfie camera from 13MP to 16MP. Both Motorola handsets have a good camera setup. The primary camera lens of the Motorola Moto G52 and G51 is 50MP with an aperture of f/1.8.

Suppose you want to choose between these two Motorola smartphones for capturing many photos and videos, As a result of honest feedback. In that case, I'm leaning toward the Motorola Moto G52 smartphone. Because of the latest generation processor, the Motorola g52 will offer superior image processing. Android 12 is pre-installed. Furthermore, the Motorola G51's 13 MP ultra-wide camera lens is a significant selling point. This camera could help you improve your photography skills.

Choose the proper display:

The smartphone's display is the most crucial thing that we should consider. Because whatever we do or we want to do, it will happen on this 6-inch widescreen display.

The Motorola Moto G52 improves overall display quality. It comes with a 6.6-inch Full HD+ Super AMOLED display, also known as an OLED display. However, due to the super AMOLED display, Motorola has been forced to reduce the display refresh rate from 120hz to 90hz only, as well as the display size, which is 2-inches more minor than the Motorola Moto g51 smartphone. The display density is 402 PPI, an improvement over the Motorola Moto g51 smartphone.

Remember that a super AMOLED panel will improve overall display quality, colors, dark levels, and pixel density. You can distinguish between super AMOLED and IPS display panels by looking at the display color. A Super AMOLED display provides more vibrant colors than an IPS display panel.

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Battery performance:

Both Motorola devices are currently running on a 5000mAh Li-ion nonremovable battery. However, the Motorola Moto G52 smartphone is the winner thanks to 30W of quick charging and a 6nm power-efficient chipset.

On the other hand, the Motorola Moto g51 smartphone comes with a standard 10-watt charger as part of the box content. In this modern age, you should consider buying a fast-charging smartphone. The average standard charger takes more than 2-3 hours to complete an entire charge session. While the fast charger might save you time by charging your device in less than 2 hours (depending on charger input and output power),

Final conclusion:

We had decided at the end of our article between the Moto G52 and the G51, and you had chosen the Moto G52 as we reviewed its overall configuration. But one question may be running through your mind: what is the advantage of launching the Motorola Moto G52 smartphone? Every year, smartphone manufacturers tend to release a successor by improving their performance and features. You can see that the Motorola Moto G52 has better specifications than the Motorola G51. Motorola must minimize costs by not incorporating 5G connectivity in their most recent smartphone, providing no 5G connections.

If you are an internet enthusiast who has been waiting to experience a 5G connection in your life, you can go for the Motorola Moto G51 (check this if a 5G connection is available in your region)