Nothing phone (1) release date 2022

Nothing phone 1 release date

Nothing (a smartphone company owned by the OnePlus founder) announced yesterday that it will launch a new smartphone for the first time under the name nothing phone (1).

Nothing made its debut last year with the release of Nothing ear 1 true wireless earbuds, and the company is now focusing on Nothing phone (1).

The OnePlus founder, Carl Pei, appeared on a live webcast yesterday to reveal the nothing phone (1). In 2021, Carl Pei introduced the Nothing brand with the announcement of nothing ear (1). And After a year later, the Nothing Phone (1) was launched as the first smartphone from the Nothing brand. Carl Pei seems quite enthusiastic about presenting their ecosystem, sound, hardware, and software advancements for their nothing phone (1).

It's all transparent to us about the upcoming nothing phone (1), and we're also thrilled to discuss everything about the nothing phone (1) 👇

Nothing phone (1) release date and availability:

The nothing phone 1 is expected to hit the global Smartphone market in 2022.

Nothing phone (1) aims to compete with powerful flagship smartphone brands such as Samsung and Apple at an affordable price.

As we've seen, the OnePlus pioneer made the presence of OnePlus at a reasonable cost with powerful processing performance that leads the company to the top of the flagship and though the one plus dilemma to decrease the handsets costing as their smartphone became a premium notch to the users.

Nothing phone (1) is expected to arrive at a low cost, as Carl Pei stated that their devices would be delivered directly from them.

Furthermore, nothing Smartphone brand will focus on Apple and Samsung's innovation over the last few decades. The brand is working towards making something unique and having its own existence with incredible pricing.

Nothing phone (1) Display and design:

It's still unclear about the back parts and design of the Nothing Phone 1, even though the founder showcased the front panel during the announcement event.

We've seen significant leaks about the nothing phone 1 concept floating around the internet, indicating that the nothing phone 1 may come with a field shape, style camera module at the top left corner, and a sizeable G-type logo on the center panel.

Carl Pei stated that the design would be "unlike anything you've seen before."

As the company focuses on innovation, we can expect transparent back part design.

Nothing brand is likely to make dot and retro style design in nothing phone (1), which are the foundations of their brand.

Nothing phone (1) will have a bezel-less high-resolution display with a jaw that looks similar to Samsung or OnePlus flagship devices on the front. But we may see something innovative, such as a pop-up camera or even a drone camera, which could be the best camera innovation of the twenties.

The phone will also have an always-on display (AOD), and to make that happen, nothing might use an OLED display with a 120hz refresh rate. Nothing needs to offer several interesting technical specifications to compete in the flagship range.

Nothing phone (1) processor:

It has been confirmed that nothing works with the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. But we still don't know which Qualcomm chip models will be used in the nothing phone (1).

Furthermore, the founder indicates that nothing phone 1 will be a powerful and smooth Android smartphone capable of delivering flagship-level performance. As a result, we can anticipate a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 and 1 chipset, or at least the most recent one.


The brand aims to make the app unlock faster and with seamless visual effects. It also learns from your usage and provides capable performance. The founder also stated that phone 1 will not come with any third-party software by default, implying that it will most likely be stock Android with 40 percent of phone 1 applications. The phone will load cache files in the background, allowing the Android application to be served faster.

Nothing Phone 1: Nothing OS

The Nothing Phone (1) is integrated with the Nothing OS and runs Android 12. It's intended to create a fast and seamless user experience by adapting to the Nothing OS. It also has dotted-type widgets such as dot matrix clocks, weather, and text. 

Surprisingly, the clock widget will be in the same place as the lock screen to provide a smooth motion between the lock screen and the home screen. 

Furthermore, they created the recorder applications with an analog tape wheel that allows you to rewind or fast-forward by using the tape wheel, which appears to express 90s nostalgic vibes.

Nothing phone (1) will receive 3 years of software upgrades and 4 years of security updates on a regular basis. It is yet another significant benefit if you wish to improve your long-term user experience.

You can witness the changes to the user interface of the Nothing phone (1) by simply installing the Nothing launcher. It might be available as soon as April 2022.

Our final thoughts:

Some of the smartphone industry's biggest rivals, including LG, HTC, and even Huawei, have lately gone out of business.

Samsung, iPhone, and Xiaomi are all participating in the battle. They(nothing) must debut their products with good specifications and reasonable prices to win the game.

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