This Walton e-bike helps riders travel up to 70 km on a single charge!

Walton introduced the Takyon 1.00, a first-of-its-kind electric bike in Bangladesh with a price tag of TK 1,27,750. Here's everything you need to know
Walton Takyon E-bike

Electric bikes, often known as e-bikes, are considered to be the most environmentally friendly two-wheeled vehicles. Although electric bicycles are a relatively new idea in Bangladesh.

Walton Digi-tech industries ltd, a Walton group concerned recently took the seat to become the country's first electric bicycle manufacturer. With the announcement of Walton E-bike Takyon 1.00, Bangladesh entered the highly anticipated e-bike transportation system.

The Takyon e-bike was announced a few months ago, but it recently hit the market after being approved by the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) on November 22.

This approval brings both good and bad news for us. You can ride all over the country if you register with BRTA for two to ten years. Besides that, the registration process and fees are less expensive than those of a conventional gasoline motorcycle.

However, the Walton e-bike price in Bangladesh has risen from Tk 1,000,000 to Tk 1,27,750 BDT. This can be a discouraging factor for electric bicycles. But after reading the entire article, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed if you purchase this Walton Takyon e-bike.

What is an e-bike?

an illustration of an e-bike

an illustration of an e-bike by Pixabay

First, let's reveal the concept of an e-bike. Electric motorcycles or scooters are powered by a rechargeable batteries. You only have to charge and enjoy a ride up to hundreds of kilometers. Instead of the conventional motorcycle, this e-bike uses electric power or battery, which keeps our environment free from air pollution. Thus, the popularity of electric bicycles or motorcycles is rising tremendously.

As a developing country in the South Asia, Bangladeshis tech company Walton recently started manufacturing electronic bicycles.

In the last few years, traditional gasoline-powered motorcycles sold more than 4-5 lakh units on average annually, reports said. Which unlocks the potential power to manufacture e-bikes.

According to Walton, they are capable of manufacturing 2.5 lakh units of electric bicycles annually.

However, the focus will always be on the price. If Walton produces more electronic bicycles with more features and at a lower cost, it could become Bangladesh's next emerging technology.

Walton Takyon 1.00 overview

Walton E-bike Takyon 1.00 is the latest and first Made in Bangladesh e-bike that can run with a top speed of 50 km per hour. The speed range is between 60-70 km (25 km/h)

Image of a Walton TAKYON 1.00 electric bicycle

Takyon looks gorgeous with three different color options; orange, grey, and blue.

It has a DC brushless 1.2 KW hub motor. It has a 1656 Wh graphene lead acid battery which can give you 70 km of a ride in a single charging of 6-8 hours. 

The good thing is that the height of this Takyon e-bike is suitable for everyone to control the bike.

Walton Takyon 1.00 price

Walton sets the Takyon e-bike price around the budget of TK 1 lakh. However, the recent approval of BRTA led to an increase in the pricing to Tk 1,27,750.

"This bike will cost riders only 10-15 paisa per kilometre," said Liakat Ali, deputy managing director of Walton Digi-Tech Industries.

Walton claims that it is developing and marketing electric bikes to protect the environment and provide safe transportation at a lower cost by reducing the use of fossil fuels.

It has a yearly production capacity of 2.5 lakh units.

With three color options, you can ride this two-wheeler scooter wherever you wish as it also allows registration for up to ten years. The cost of registration is slightly lower than the traditional motor vehicles.




Top Speed

50 Km/h


60-70 Km


1.2 KW Hub Motor


72V 23Ah Graphene Lead Acid Battery

The Walton Takyon 1.00 e-bike has several advantages over a gasoline-powered motorcycle. First and foremost, this e-bike is environmentally friendly and lightweight, allowing even small children over the age of 15 to ride it. It can reach a top speed of 50 km/h, which is impressive for an electric bicycle. 

The average speed is about 25 kilometers per hour; I believe it would be better if they increased the average speed, but it is good for reducing street accidents.

The Takyon 1.00 model is been powered by a 1.2 KW hub motor and a graphene lead acid battery. 
With charging of 6-8 hours, you can reach your destination.

The most amazing feature of the Walton e-bike is that it is certified by BRTA, so you don't have to worry about registration or a huge fine by traffic police.

Where to buy Walton e-bike?

The only destination to buy Walton electronic bicycles is Walton's official store. I'll be listed below all the authorized sellers of Walton bicycles.

Buy from Walton Plaza

List of authorized Walton E-bike distributors:


Name : S.D.L Electronics Plaza
Address : 434 Khan Sarak,Barisal
Mobile: 01709953694

Name : M/S Flowra Traders
Address : Sadar Road Jhalokathi,Barisal
Mobile : 01711456704


Name: M/S Dynamic Electro Mart
Address : Burhanuddin, Bhola
Mobile: 01710940570


Name : R Plaza-Sutrapur
Address : 1220, Gohail Road, Sutrapur, Bogra
Mobile : 01855956650

Name : M/S Kabir Traders-Kahaloo
Address : Station Road, Kahaloo, Bogra
Mobile : 01730462524


Name : L. S. Electronics Gallery
Address : Rahimanagar,Kochua,Chandpur
Mobile : 01740993436


Name : M/S Magnum-Narkeltola
Address : Narkeltola South Halisohor,Chittagong
Mobile : 01623526826

Name : E- Electronics-CTG
Address : 293 Bayzid,Chittagong
Mobile : 01979600361

Name : Gorib-e Newaz
Address : 172, Aman Bazar, Hathazari Road, CTG
Mobile : 01862108472

Name : Bismillah Electronics
Address : Sharif Shopping Complex (1st Floor) Chaturi,Chowmuhani Bazar, Anwara, Chittagong.,Coxs Bazar
Mobile : 01689839783

Name : R.A. Electronics
Address : Jamalpur Suparmarket, Bariarhat, Mirsarai, CTG
Mobile : 01819822680


Name : Gold Star Electronics
Address : Fatema Plaza, Badurtola, Chuadanga Sadar, Chuadanga.
Mobile : 01624196044


Name : Sarker Enterprise- Muradnagar
Address : Muradnagar, Comilla,
Mobile : 01716548601 , 01932190473

Name : Nilachol Electronics-Cantonment
Address : Sena Kollayan Market (2nd floor), Beside Dhaka Bus Stand, Cantonment, Comilla
Mobile : 01731887507

Name : K. R. Electronics - Chaddagram
Address : Shohidulla Noor Market 14 Gram College Gate,14 Gram Comilla.,Feni
Mobile : 01978655444


Name : Electro Vision
Address : 453,Nayapara, Donia, Jatrabari, Dhaka-1236
Mobile : 01716266993

Name : Imran Electronics
Address : 104/1 NoAga Sadek Road,bangshal
Mobile : 01745546444

Name : Mohona Enterprise-Monipur
Address : 728/2, monipur 60fit road (near monipur school) Mirpur, Dhaka-1216
Mobile : 01712798039

Name : Interactive Electronics-Mirpur2
Address : National Bangla High School, Level-2, Mirpur-2, Dhaka
Mobile : 01720479031

Name : National Electronics- Zinzira
Address : Bus Road, Zinzira, Keranigonj, Dhaka
Mobile : 01623814535

Name : Sharmin Electronics-Jhigatola
Address : Jhigatola, Dhanmondi
Mobile : 01678048558, 01722002023

Name : Shorna Electronics- Kamrangirchar
Address : Citycell Bhaban Pakapoll, Kamrangirchar, Dhaka
Mobile : 0132409798, 0132409798

Name : Talukder Electronics
Address : House #207/D,Uttara
Mobile : 01870828333

Name : Panel Enterprise
Address : Alam Market43,Gulshan
Mobile : 01678387030

Name : 3D Electronics
Address : Mazar RoadUttarakhan,Uttara,Dhaka
Mobile : 01678048579

Name : Yousuf Electronics-Kalatia
Address : Chorongi market, Kalatia, Keranigonj, Dhaka
Mobile : 01819504947, 01877808686


Name : Hasan Electronics - Sreepur
Address : Modina Super Market Sreepur Bus Stand,DEPZ Ashulia Saver, Ashulia
Mobile : 017111101786, 01711308088

Name : Future Shop-Chandhona
Address : Chandhona, Gazipur Sadar,Gazipur
Mobile : 01711393066, 01681147770

Name : Rakib Electronics- Kaliakoir
Address : Mouchak Bazar, Kaliakoir,Gazipur
Mobile : 01779915755

Name : Desh Electronics-Kaliakoir
Address : Ward-01, Kaliakoir Bypass, Kaliakoir, Gazipur,
Mobile : 01825044450

Name : Star Electronics
Address : Tongi,Gazipur
Mobile : 01678347727


Name : M/S Samir Electronics
Address : Madhabpur, Hobigonj.
Mobile : 01782356745

Name : T.R Electro Mart
Address : Town Hall Road, Khaja Grden City Habiganj
Mobile : 01711818050

Name : M/S Sheba Electrical & Electronics-Mothergonj
Address : Mothergonj,Jamalpur
Mobile : 01711327840, 01865297333

Name : H M Traders
Address : Monirampur, Jessore
Mobile : 01716148483

Name : Sam Electronics
Address : Holding # 565, Shop # 0, Shere Bangla Sarok, Jhenaidah
Mobile : 01715384932


Name : Asha Enterprise- Khulna
Address : 12, K D A Avenue, Khulna.
Mobile : 01795686890

Name : M/S Reshad Enterprise-Dak Bangla
Address : 120, Lower Jessore Road, Dak Bangla, Khulna
Mobile : 01865007441


Name : Electronics Plaza-Kishoreganj
Address : Nirala Tower, Esha Kha Road, Kishoregonj
Mobile : 01711393066 & 001791253888

Name : M/S Maa Rupa Traders-Chamta Bondor
Address : Chamta Bondor, Karimganj, Kishoreganj
Mobile : 01721296652


Name : N. N. Electronics
Address : Jahangir Super Market (2nd Floor) Jenaidah Sarak,Chowrhash More, Kushtia
Mobile : 01725482808, 01911552988


Name : Mim Electronics-Raipur
Address : Raipur Laxmipur
Mobile : 01687902854, 01715230706

Name : Desh Electronics & Motors
Address : Sadar Road Shibchar Bazar,Madaripur
Mobile : 01752523938

Name : Saju Enterprise
Address : Gangni, Meherpur.
Mobile : 01612440054

Name : Moyaz Electronics - Munshigonj
Address : Shipahipara (Bhuiyan Bari), Rampal, Munshigonj
Mobile : 01715108393

Name : Nasa Enterprise-Churkhai
Address : Pach Raster More, Churkhai, Mymensingh
Mobile : 01660112743

Name : S And B Electronices-Ishwargonj
Address : Uchakhila Bazar, Ishwargonj
Mobile : 01736918264 & 001750000000

Name : Jalil Enterprise-Dhara Bazar
Address : 863, Dhara Bazaar, Haluaghat, Mymensingh
Mobile : 01618355034

Name : Hazi Telecom & Electronics-Rani Nagar
Address : Raninagar, Naogaon
Mobile : 01709005858, 01316031752

Name : Mondol Electronics & Electric-Naogaon
Address : Dhubolhati, Naogaon
Mobile : 017017159344


Name : Home Care Electronics-Borpa
Address : 50Sajib Shopping Complex,Borpa,Rupgonj,Narayangonj
Mobile : 01714359503, 01941629646

Name : Electro Plus- Pagla Bazar
Address : D. N RoadMuslim Market,Pagla Bazar,Fotullah,Narayangonj
Mobile : 01948996082

Name : Electro Lids-Panchabati
Address : Akbar tower, Panchabati, Fatullah, Narayanganj
Mobile : 01319859505

Name : T.S. Electronics- Velanagar
Address : Jelkhanar MoreNondipara, Narsingdi, Dhaka
Mobile : 01716343057 & 01923278485

Name : M/S Shafin Electronics-Naldangahat
Address : Noldangahat, Natore
Mobile : 01705964730

Name : Creative Electroncis-
Address : Jilim Road Shobuj Sanket Moor,Chapai
Mobile : 01625093555

Name : R Plaza-Netrokona
Address : Choto Bazar(Infront Of Islami Bank), Netrokona
Mobile : 01875087084

Name : A.R Electronics-Nilphamari
Address : Mokbl Hossain super market,Nilphamari
Mobile : 01711649565


Name : M/S Famous Electronics
Address : Islamgonj Bazra Naokhali
Mobile : 01819626830

Name : M/S. Hazi Enterprise & Electronics
Address : Shahjalal Market,College Road, Boshurhat, Companiganj, Noakhali
Mobile : 01819149779

Name : M/S Ahsania Traders
Address : ChakbazarPatuakhali,Barisal
Mobile : 01992985036

Name : M/S R.M Electronics
Address : Mathbaria, Pirojpur
Mobile : 01700730490, 01700730486

Name : Dream Touch Electronics
Address : Aduni Karir Hat, Pirojpur
Mobile : 01711351537, 017311293392

Name : A. P. Electronics-
Address : Baya, Shah mokhdum, Rajshahi
Mobile : 01827592561

Name : M.R. Electronics-Rangpur
Address : D.C Mor, Rangpur
Mobile : 01678801040

Name : Khan Brothers Electric & Electronics-Naria
Address : Gharisar Bazar, Naria, Shariatpur
Mobile : 01719305713

Name : Miller Park-Sherpur
Address : Khorompur, Sherpur
Mobile : 01778238235

Name : M/S Muhi Electronic-Sirajgonj
Address : Holding#48, Shop#1-5, Nazrul Sharani (Chowrasta More), Sirajgonj
Mobile : 01710798901


Name : Haque Electronics
Address : Main Road, Infront Of Thana,Beanibazar,Sylhet
Mobile : 01711347119

Name : Dream Together Enterprise
Address : Sahi Eidgaon, Sylhet
Mobile : 01740088240


Name : Rafiq Electronics- Modhupur
Address : Kazi Vila Thana Moor,Tangail
Mobile : 01711341344

Name : M/S Ujjal Electronics-Nagarpur
Address : Vadra Bazar Main Road Nagarpur,Tangail
Mobile : 01794781421

Name : Jupiter Electronics-Elenga
Address : Elenga Bus stand Elenga, Kalihati, Tangail
Mobile : 018346526018

Name : Toa Electronics-Betka
Address : Betka, Dhaka Road, Tangail
Mobile : 01712070840 & 001749000000

N:B: The information given above is collected from Walton. We don't guarantee the accuracy of the information.

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