Launch Gojek Clone App with Modern Advanced Features

Gojek Clone app is a popular on-demand solution that offers multiple advanced features on a single platform. Here's everything you need to know.
Gojek Clone App

The Gojek Clone app allows the customers to avail of multiple services like booking a taxi ride, ordering food and groceries online, sending parcels, getting a manicure at home, etc.  It is one of the best applications that has made people live an easy urban life even when their schedules are tight! 

All thanks to the futuristic technology and the updated knowledge of the app developers, your customers can sit on their couch and track the order, send instructions, etc. Similarly, there are multiple features you should be aware of. Let’s take a look at them. 

Modern and Advanced Gojek Clone App Features 

This section talks about multiple app features that’ll attract tech-savvy customers. Moreover, these features make it easy for the customers to book a service, track them, and look at them at a later date. 

1.Graphical status 

Customers can view the graphical status for every service. For instance, a customer has booked a taxi ride. Now, every time there is an update with the status of the service, a graphically represented in-app notification pops up. In this case, every status mentioned below will be displayed with an icon. 

  • “Your ride has been confirmed.”
  • “The driver has reached your destination.” 
  • “You’re on the way.”
  • “Your ride is complete.” 

2.Voice note instructions 

The voice note instruction is a feature that allows your customers to record and upload a voice message instructing the drivers. Now, if a customer wants to instruct the driver about something, they can simply record and upload a voice message on the application. Once the delivery driver picks up the order from the store, they can listen to the voice message on the Gojek Clone App

The customer has to hold the record button and speak to record the message. Once the recording is complete, they can listen to the voice message and even re-record if it has any disturbance! After checking the voice message, customers can upload it on the app.

3. Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning Login

Login with Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning is the new feature. It allows the customers to login into the mobile application without remembering usernames and passwords. Biometric authentication also elevates the security of the application. To login into the app, one needs to verify the Face ID or open it by scanning the fingerprint. 

To activate the feature, log in to the application, go to the settings, and turn on the option of Biometric Authentication. 

4.OTP verification to begin the task 

To elevate the security of the Gojek Clone app users, the app developers have integrated one of the best features yet - OTP verifications. Any time a service provider visits the customer’s home or wants to start the ride, they first need to verify the service. 

A four-digit one-time password is sent to the customer's registered mobile number and email. Until the customer tells this code to the service provider and they complete the verification, service cannot begin. 

5.Item name searching 

Search for the items on the app without scrolling through the entire app. YES! The developers have integrated one of the best advanced features on the app. By simply typing and searching the relevant keyword, the app will display related search results. Now, the customers can easily look through the relevant search results and pick a suitable option. 

That’s how easy it is to book a service on the application.

In conclusion: 

Are you ready to launch the world’s most perfect app with mind-boggling services and the latest features? The Gojek Clone app offers everything your customers need on one platform. Therefore, take the correct decision today and launch your on-demand multi-service business right away! 

Become an entrepreneur in just 1 to 2 weeks!

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