Railway ticket Bangladesh website goes down at the very first day!

Railway ticket Bangladesh website goes down

This site can't be reached!

The Bangladesh Railway Authority and Ministry of Railways recently announced the launch of a new E-ticket or online train ticket purchase system using the Shohoz JV platform.

Previously, the railway government worked with CNS Ltd, which provided its service for more than 12 years, and on March 25th, it was replaced with a new system by Shohoz JV, which signed a five-year agreement to provide overseas E-ticket booking and management online.

Railway ticket Bangladesh:

The Bangladesh railway introduced the first ever online ticket booking system in 1994, hence the online ticket booking system is not unfamiliar to the Bangladeshi people.

The first online e-ticketing system was launched by 27 railway stations, and it was eventually expanded to 77 stations, offering hundreds of intercity train tickets via the internet.

According to a report on bdnews24,

Approximately 90,000 tickets are issued every single day, with more than 2.7 million tickets in a month.

On the other hand, the Bangladesh Railway utilized the online ticketing process by announcing that 50 percent of total of train tickets will be sold online and 50 percent respectively at the railway station.

Railway ticket shohoz

Shohoz is Bangladesh's most popular online travel ticketing landing site.

Shohoz began its journey in 2018, and since then, it has sold over 100 million tickets through its application and platform. It categorizes and allows you to buy a bus, launch, and, most recently, train tickets. Shohoz collaborates with nearly every bus operator in Bangladesh to provide the best service possible.

Shohoz recently collaborated with the Bangladesh Railway on the E-ticket process through their Shohoz JV platform. It was assigned and began its first train E-ticket sale on Friday, March 25th, and interestingly sold over 40,000 tickets at 77 railway stations between Friday midnight and Friday morning.

found issues and glitch in Railway ticket shohoz:

On the very first day of online E-ticket selling, users have gotten in trouble and encounter to purchase ticket.

Major news outlets also labeled the Shohoz website problems as a cyberattack, but one of Shohoz representatives said it was a server issue, not a computer program flaw.

Also, he concluded that it is happening for the huge number of traffic coming towards the website which in case become down. Besides, user-facing and counters on registering, payment issues, login account on an e-ticket railway website. Which Shohoz spokesman said to be well within a few days as it loaded previous thousands of people informed.

Rail way ticket booking, Bangladesh:

It made purchasing train tickets online easier and more accessible to everyone. Railway ticket booking in Bangladesh has a new system that will begin to sell E-tickets or online train tickets via the website e-ticket.railway.gov.bd.

The Shohoz platform is supposed to administer and maintain this system. In addition, you may book a train ticket in the shohoz app within a few days. Shohoz app has been delivering services such as bus and lunch ticketing since 2018, and it will be adding railway tickets very soon.

You may read the article below for a step-by-step guide on how to buy railway tickets online in Bangladesh.

How to purchase railway ticket Bangladesh

Online train ticket booking process Shohoz

As previously stated, shohoz is now maintaining Bangladesh's online e-ticket system. However, if you want to know how to purchase an online rail ticket via Shohoz applications, you won't find any navigation because the company is working on adding this option very soon.

Be aware that after successfully purchasing your online train ticket through the BD e-ticket website, you must present it to your railway station counter and obtain an original copy. Otherwise, you will be unable to travel with your online e-ticket or document.

In case, you're looking forward!

How to get train ticket online in bd:

Recently, the Bangladesh Railway implemented a new online train ticket purchase system. Previously, Bangladesh Railway assigned this Online train ticket bd registration and administration system to CNS Ltd, which resigned after 18 years of service to Shohoz Ltd.

Bangladesh Railway claims that,

This new approach will increase the safety and security of online train ticket purchases in Bangladesh.

Previously, the authorities had seen a huge number of unlawful operations, such as purchasing and selling online railway tickets on Facebook and other social media platforms, which resulted in the ticket being unavailable on the website. In addition, customers in Bangladesh were unable to purchase or obtain railway tickets online.

The Bangladesh railway ministry changed the online train ticket or E ticket system to a new one in order to strengthen security, such as adding NID card, birth certificate, and other necessary documents to supply if you want to register or buy train tickets in Bangladesh.

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BD online train ticket tips and guidance:

We'd like to wrap this article by providing you with some safety and vital information.

If you wish to buy online train tickets using an e ticket railway website, you must do so.

  • Purchase a rail ticket 24 hours or two days prior to your departure
  • Otherwise, you will be unable to find any remaining tickets for your destination.
  • Also, take in mind that purchasing train ticket time is between morning 8:00 a.m. to evening 8:00 p.m. And after that time the server will be down, or the website won't work.

Furthermore, while creating an account on an e-ticket railway website, make sure to include all accurate and legal information; otherwise, your account will be blocked, and you will be unable to purchase your ticket.

If anybody hesitates or asks you to buy their ticket on social media, be careful and ignore it. If the train station administration refuses to allow you to travel, they will require you to provide not only your NID card but also a certificate or other signed documents.

(If you don't understand how to buy a train ticket online, please contact us.)

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