Google photos locked folder feature is rolling out for non-pixel users

Google is rolling out Google photos locked folder privacy feature for non pixel smartphones user very soon
Google photos locked folder rolling out

Google is rolling out Google photos locked folder privacy feature for non-pixel smartphones user very soon. Since Google photos are extensively one of the greatly beneficial cloud photo saving applications out there. Back then, Google has optimized and added video stabilization, memories, and a multitude of functionality to navigate your images effortlessly. At the ultimate, Google photos rolled out the locked folder feature, where user can hide their sensitive, personal photos and videos with entrance to a passcode or fingerprint security. Google not merely introduced it, but they furthermore make it accessible to their files application before. Which came to be one of the broadly fundamental tools for Android and iOS users.

according to Android policy, Google photos announced to make available its private folder feature for Android and iOS devices in October and will be rolled out at the end of the year. Yet, Google maintained its commitments. 

Here is a step-by-step directory.

how to set up a locked folder on Android smartphones:

  • First of all Open the Google Photos application
  • Review it for the latest updates
  • Immediately Go to Library
  • Wipe on Utilities
  • Tap on Locked Folder
  • Tap on Set up Locked Folder
  • Users with no screen locks would be required to set up a screen lock first
Subsequently, they will be eligible to select and add images to the locked folder which will not be visible in the gallery

Google photos do not incorporate this folder locked feature at all, but likewise other sensational features including video stabilization, your memories, etc.

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What is video stabilization: 

We all are typical with stabilizer(a gadget utilized for capture steady footage) but certainly, it isn't a reasonable gadget to purchase, although if you don't have to pay for a costly stabilizer or video camera to capture steady footage you can skillfully edit and convert shaking footage to steady smooth footage. That's one of my favorite features for Google photos.

Google photos locked folder functionality will bring users conveniently and comfortably locked their personal and susceptible photos or videos without downloading or using third-party software. User can easily hide their private things on private folders by setting up a passcode or fingerprint security. Google Photos This update will let Google users use Google Photos with ease.  Also, users can easily put their important private photos and videos in a private folder.

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