Xiaomi 11T Pro will support 120W HyperCharge technology.

Xiaomi officially confirmed Xiaomi 11T Pro will support 120W HyperCharge technology.Xiaomi 11T pro will equip Qualcomm snapdragon 888+ chipsets.
Xiaomi 11T Pro will support 120W HyperCharge technology.

And a few days ahead, the World's number one smartphone manufacture company, 'Xiaomi' is going to host an important product launch event called "HyperNews". Specifically, in this event, Xiaomi will launch the most exciting flagship smartphone, Xiaomi 11T pro. Apart from that, Xiaomi also begins to commercialize and marketing of this flagship series of smartphones. And They can furthermore launch a smart pad along with this smartphone.

Today, we've got a lot of information about the upcoming Xiaomi 11t pro Smartphone. And we're very excited to reveal it to one of our beautiful readers. 

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Xiaomi 11T pro launch date:

Xiaomi 11t pro launch date 2021

Xiaomi 11T pro smartphone is set to launch on 15th September 2021, in the hyper News event. Yes, we've already got a bunch of confirmation about the upcoming Xiaomi hyper News event. However, Xiaomi is going to launch this flagship smartphone with the collaboration of one of the most spectacular tech guys like Mrwhostheboss and unbox therapy. and we have got a demo video where Xiaomi trying to marketing their upcoming Xiaomi 11t pro smartphone with sensational 120W fast charging features. This is not at all, they are going to a functionalities film festival where they showed up a particular short video or short film, that shoot with Xiaomi smartphones.

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Xiaomi is set to arrange a hyper news event on September 15, 2021. Where probably you gonna see a series of flagship smartphones and tech gadgets until Xiaomi confirmed it. But you ensure and got something about Xiaomi 11t pro.

Xiaomi 11t pro key specification:

ProcessorQualcomm SD 888+
Rear Camera108 MP
Battery5000 Mah

Xiaomi 11T pro will equip Qualcomm snapdragon 888+ chipsets with exciting 120W hyper charging technologies. We don't get any confirmation about its battery capacity or display. But they just hint that Xiaomi 11t pro will be used an OLED Colourful bright hue display. And also you're aware that Xiaomi going to launch a series of flagship smartphones, specifically, Xiaomi 11t, Xiaomi 11t pro, Xiaomi 11t neo etc.

Introducing Xiaomi HyperCharge technologies:

Xiaomi HyperCharge Technology 2021

Yet, this is the first time for Xiaomi to commercially launch a smartphone with one of the most exciting 120W hypercharge technologies. We all are concerned about the safety of a smartphone battery or charging. All the smartphone manufacturers trying to avoiding wired charging technologies for keeping our environment safe. Smartphone technology is growing at a pace speed. Every year, most tech companies try to launch freaking exciting features and technologies to ensure it's better than its previous one. But somehow, most of the companies forget about sustainability and how their technologies affect our environment.

Google new photo upscaling technology might wonder you.

Xiaomi claimed that they are working to developing better environment-friendly smartphone charging and battery technologies to ensure our expectations and keep our environment healthful. And that is where Xiaomi introduced to us a new era of technology Called "hypercharge" technology. Below are some features of it.

1. Real-time temperature control monitoring system

Multiple thermal sensors were installed on the smartphone in areas such as the USB-C port, battery, motherboard, and the CPU, to monitor the real-time temperature of the smartphone to ensure safe charging all the time.

2. Multiple Safety features

Xiaomi features numerous charging and battery safety features, spanning the entire charging the process from the charger to the circuit to the battery.

3. Longer lifespan battery

Our large battery will remain above 80% capacity through 800 charge and discharge cycles - that's more cycles than typical smartphones in the market today, which means your battery will have a longer lifespan. 800 charge cycles data based on 25°C tested in Xiaomi Internal Labs

Xiaomi 11t pro processor:

Xiaomi 11t pro processor

The biggest reason for choosing a Xiaomi smartphone is to be their processor or hardware specification. it might be wondering that when Xiaomi particularly launch a smartphone they focus on its performance and hardware technologies. No doubt, this time Xiaomi will be using a flagship range of hardware configurations and it could be Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+chipset. but also we are unable to confirm it although they are also rumoured that Xiaomi would be launch MI 11t with a MediaTek processor. which will be MediaTek density 1200. However, Xiaomi will be satisfied us with its hardware performance including the most haptic battery feature called hypercharge technologies.

Xiaomi 11t pro display and design:

However, you don't get enough information regarding the display and design of upcoming Xiaomi Mi11t smartphones. You're expecting to get an OLED FULL HD+ bright hue colourful display. Along it might have 120Hz screen refresh rate technology in the screen of it.

Xiaomi 11t pro camera:

You can rarely expect, Xiaomi 11T pro will make a huge improvement in its camera department. because there are a lot of flagships ranges smartphones are coming including Google pixel 6 and more. However Chinese tech giant would give us a good camera specification. You all know Xiaomi previously introducing to us a 108-megapixel smartphone camera. So it's sound exciting what they are gonna give us this time! but Xiaomi doesn't put any updates about its camera specification.

Xiaomi 11t pro pricing:

we're sorry to say that, we don't get any confirmation about Xiaomi 11T Pro pricing. but according to its previous devices pricing and current market overflow, The Xiaomi 11t pro might have cost you roughly $600 us dollars. and it would be approximately 60,000 BDT

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