Windows 11 release date official Microsoft

Windows 11 release date official Microsoft. Windows will bring it 11 updates on 5th October 2021. Here you figure out everything you should know.

Windows 11 release date official Microsoft

Microsoft has finally announced that Windows 11 is coming on on 5th October 2021. This new operating system will have multiple impressive features, including a brand-new design, better performance, and more security. One of the best things about Windows 11 is that it will be completely free for all users! You can already pre-register to get early access, and the full release is expected later this year. In this article, We will discuss some of the amazing features of windows 11.

According to Windows officials, 

We're thrilled to announce Windows 11 will start to become available on October 5, 2021

Ahead of the official launch date of Windows 11, the Developer insider version was released and most of the people installed it and tested Windows 11 features. However, there are a bunch of bugs and mistakes in the developer preview version. 

There was a broadly tremendous impression about windows 11 updates. Everyone was thrilled to update their old windows 10 to windows 11. Click here to read the full article on windows blog about Windows 11 updates confirmation.

Windows 11 is a redesign of Windows 10:

Windows 10 was the revolutionaries of feature packed Windows operating system ever made. Windows 10 was released on 2015 and gained more than 1 billion users globally. The windows 11 is the successor of Windows 10 with some good upgradation.

In windows 11 updates, plenty of fresh animation, App icons, wallpaper has been added. Windows concentrate on supplementary improvements like sound, animation, user interface etc. Although it was advertised some amazing feature like running mobile apps on Android through Amazon app store and more which we try to discussed above here.

The task button and start menu by default in the Center position:

Windows 11 release date

One of the most stunning features in windows 11 official updates is the centring task Button and start menu. Earlier, it was by default in the left position. However, Windows has transformed the start button completely redesigned and made it a minimal look. Windows has added icon animation, an off-white hover effect and beautiful icons. Furthermore, You can expand your all apps on the pinned item by clicking all apps or getting a recommendation by clicking the more buttons.

Snap-layout for better multitasking:

With current Windows 11 updates, it is remote easier to multitask and enhance productivity. You can Access your valuable application and multi-task with initiative tools like Snap-layouts. Where you get the chance to create other Desktops and load your interest-based experience. It is also useful for multi-tasking for different purposes. You can either create a new desktop for productivity, gaming or education. to do that simple,

  1. Click on the third icon on Taskbar
  2. The icon just looks like layers with black and white colours.
  3. Now you can see desktop 1 and the new desktop.
  4. Click on the new desktop to create a fresh desktop for different purposes.
  5. You're finally done.

It is easier to access Microsoft teams:

Windows Microsoft team is one of the broadly used team meeting apps after Zoom. Windows released the Microsoft team apps on March 14. 2017. As the Covid-19 situation became worse, People get to use Microsoft teams, Zooms and other meeting software to connect their online meetings, Job interview and Online classes.

Windows pushes lots of updates since released Microsoft team in 2017, but eventually, it was in the dust. But Windows maintains Microsoft teams with another modification. Now, Users can effortlessly entrance Microsoft teams right on the Taskbar. More amazingly, Users doesn't have the ability to remove it from the taskbar.

Windows 11 will be run Android application through the Amazon app store.

Back in Windows 10 people used third-party emulator software to install the mobile apps on Windows. but for now you don't need to install any third-party softwares or emulator to run mobile apps on your PC's. You can simple run mobile apps on your PC's by installed directly from Amazon app store.

Windows announced to run Android application in windows 11 PC's through Amazon app store. 

Introducing direct X 12 ultimate features for better gaming.

Gaming was fundamental for Windows. 

They focus on advancement in each windows update. So far with Direct X 12 ultimate technologies, 

  • you can regulate your gaming setting, 
  •  involving increasing FPS, 
  • colour range, 
  • vivid mood, 
  • direct storage option and so on.
 So don't worry about your gaming with the windows 11 operating system.

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A new widget has been added in windows 11

Microsoft working to transmit as ease access of knowledge, information, weather news and the latest news on your local area with a new widget. It will be assigned at the start button and design to pick your thought without browsing or time wasting. That's pretty a good improvement from windows.

After a long delay of two months, it is known that Microsoft will bring us the Windows 11 update by October 5, 

but sadly, the developer preview of Windows 11 saw a lot of features, many of which we may not see in the official update of Windows 11.  

And we are likely that numerous issues including bugs, and mistakes will be fixed very soon. Unfortunately, you won't haven't run Amazon stores mobile applications on windows 11 until the year 2022. Make sure to dig into your requirements for the windows 11 update by click here.

For additional detail, please inform us by commenting. Have a nice day.

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